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Burglars Pay Lamorinda A Visit Early Sunday – Cars Rifled, Stolen; Chase Ensues

Screenshot of Suspect Vehicle

A quiet Sunday morning in Moraga and Orinda was blown out of the water when bleary-eyed residents looked out their windows to see strangers rifling through their cars – or running through their home – and dialed up police.

Moraga residents spotted a masked man dressed in black rifling through a car on Deerfield Drive at about 6:20 a.m. and alerted police. Moraga PD officers filtered into the area and spotted a Lexus on Tharp, attempting to stop the car and initiating a pursuit when the driver sped away.

The fleeing vehicle sped through Canyon and eventually made it to Alameda County as additional calls began to come in from other residents whose cars had also been burglarized. This site’s Flash Alert system was flooded with text messages from concerned Flashers who had heard or witnessed a part of the pursuit and were in search of information.

Minutes later, additional calls began to come in regarding a possible residential burglary on Via Floreado in Orinda and a car burglary in Lafayette, believed connected to the car Moraga police had chased out of town.

An Orinda caller reported hearing someone run through their home before 7 a.m., eventually determining that a purse had been taken along with two of the household’s cars, a Jeep Wrangler and an Audi Q7.

Officers responding to that call located two more stolen vehicles in the area, the thieves apparently stealing cars and dumping them as needed.

Subsequent information provided by Moraga police confirm the occurrence, adding that officers located the subjects entering a garage on Larch and chased them as they sped away in a grey Lexus (pictured) and drove out of the area at a high rate of speed. Police pursued the vehicle on Canyon Road, but officers discontinued the pursuit out of concern for public safety.

Further investigation has determined that the thieves drove a stolen Lexus into Town and entered at least 15 different unlocked vehicles throughout the Rimer/Camino Pablo/Larch neighborhoods. Unfortunately, according to police, some of those vehicles had garage door remote controls inside, allowing the suspects access to garages, through which they were able to enter residences. Police are currently investigating all of the incidents and coordinating with other jurisdictions where these individuals also committed crimes.

Police are asking residents of targeted neighborhoods to check security cameras between 6:00a – 6:30am and search for anyone checking car door handles or garage doors or of a grey Lexus cruising the area. Anyone with footage is asked to contact Police Dispatch at 925-284-5010.


  1. I have started having anxiety when going through the tunnel because I’m always waiting for some scumbags to be fleeing and cause a crash.

      • I am confused- what job description does a police officer have now a days? Seems like the whole force should be fired for ineptitude. Are today’s officers only doing social service calls and give up on crime “in interest of public safety”? Too much news of criminals just driving away and local police not pursuing or catching criminals unless they are given proof and address of the criminals. Talk about being lenient on crime!

        • Who did you vote for for DA? I tell current officers to slow roll to all calls, why face a criminal trial.

          Firestone 11R

    • It was clear from the beginning there were many crimes and that more were filtering in as the morning progressed. Stunning level of crime for the area.

  2. I heard they break into your car and get your garage door opener to enter your home. Lock up your cars and home! Even take your garage door open inside with you. These thrives are dangerous!!!

  3. “15 different unlocked vehicles throughout the Rimer/Camino Pablo/Larch neighborhoods.”

    “because that’s where the money is”

    Willie Sutton

  4. “Police pursued the vehicle on Canyon Road, but officers discontinued the pursuit out of concern for public safety.”

    What would it cost to install a flashing yellow light, a warning sign (from both directions), and impenetrable, retractable bollards at Valle Vista? You can’t go off-road in the cars they are stealing/driving. The sleep-well payoff would be LARGE.
    Sign me up!

  5. This is awful. But actually, what do you expect when the crooks face very few consequences, if caught at all. They are totally emboldened now.

  6. Canyon is the tightest most secluded road with minimal outlets? how does one escape ? How can the police chase someone on the lafayette freeway with a helicopter yet be unable to track someone thru canyon?

    Doesn’t add up

    • that was my first reaction–police get 2nd guessed so much they now err the side of letting criminals get away

  7. We Need to Replace Ryan Sullivan the head of Orinda Police who FAILS TO ACT WITH DIRE CONSEQUENCES!!; My Car was Stolen over A year and a half ago and the Car Thieves are KNOWN and have CONFESSED and still Ryan Sullivan has NOT ARRESTED OR INCARCERATED them!!He knows where all of them live!!; WE NEED A NEW POLICE CHIEF WHO CAN TAKE ACTION IN ORINDA CA to PROTECT GOOD PEOPLE AND THEIR PROPERTY!!

    • Nadya,

      The police chief is actually a CoCo Lieutenant, assigned by The Sheriff for Orinda. The reason their is no arrest is our DA, unless someone is injured she will not prosecute.

      Firestone 11R

  8. So sorry to tell you this but a Piedmont resident had his car stolen. They captured the suspect and he was released and apparently had seven previous arrests. Apparemtly, even if they catch the person it doesn’t seem to matter… It’s out of control!

    • Hi… thanks, we’re aware of that condition though our Laser-like Local coverage isn’t focused on Piedmont yet. Good luck!

  9. I say “Vote in new DAs”//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if they won’t prosecute captured suspects. That’s their job! Car theft & home invasion is on another level above basic shoplifting. I think the state legislature representatives need a recall, as well, for not making their $950 limit to shoplifting much lower and for food only. They are driving jobs and stores out of California in their blindness. Those of us who are honest patrons are bearing the expense for these grossly irresponsible officials.///////////////

  10. Even if they catch and release, police should impound the perps car as being used in the commission of a crime, tow it to Martinez or Antioch, and charge a heavy towing and storage fee, if not destroy the car entirely. But hey, that would be too logical.

  11. Our neighbors were one of the victims on Via Floreado. The car the criminals used to travel to homes was stolen from Oakland. It was the second time that car had been stolen in the same week. The criminals were prepared to break in (with tools) but entered the home through an open over the sink kitchen window. Once inside the home, they took keys, purses, an XBox gaming system, and other conveniently located items before they were scared away by the homeowners who were home at the time.

    One of the vehicles stolen had a pair of fully charged AirPods inside which allowed our neighbors to track the vehicle. Once the vehicle was located, they called the police and said the criminal had a gun, which prompted a response, and the vehicle was impounded for evidence.

    Our garage has been burglarized 3 times in the past 4 years. Vehicles locked or unlocked, Ring cameras, and being armed with a CCW are no defense or deterrent. Sigh.

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