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Power Lineup Unplugged By Power Failure In Concord Saturday

Jonathan Martin Photo

Nice crowd out at the Concord Pavilion tonight, waiting patiently for John Waite, Foreigner and Styx when – fffzzszzip – the power goes out.

PG&E says 1,500 are afflicted out in that part of Concord-Clayton but we don’t know if they’re counting the concert goers – who were patiently returning to their cars for the ride home.

Thanks to all who checked in via our Social Media interfaces. You make power outages fun!


  1. Wow! What a great opportunity to connect.
    Hey, disappointed, disaffected person sitting next to me, illuminated by a phone battery, can you believe how fucked up our presidential choices are? Is there a hole in the succeeding generation? Does new leadership exist if Forrest Gump is not there to usher them in? Stand UP! We can no longer help you!!

  2. I traveled from oregon for the concert and wonder, was this a equipment failure, or grid shutoff?

    It was a beautiful day, the breeze was wonderful, oblivious to the idea that California’s power grid can shutdown at any time.

    • Heard the bands were headed back up north, Lance… any chance of catching up with them there? Not sure what knocked the power out, though there was an automotive crash near the Pavilion at about the time they lost juice. Hope you were able to at least catch a good dinner down here!

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