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Fire Cleanses Everything, Right?


Well, not really, as the debris pile left behind after a recent multi-alarm fire in Concord will attest.

Fire brought down much of the multi-level structure at Sunset and East streets in Concord on April 29, firefighters quickly calling for a 2nd Alarm to help combat the flames.

The building was reported ablaze at 10:23 p.m. with floors collapsing minutes later. There were no reports of any injuries though one of our guys twisted a knee, dozens of firefighters eventually called to the scene, the structure burning for some time and eventually collapsing in on itself.

Someone may want to bring in a clean-up crew, though ’cause the taggers and rodents are moving in.


  1. Wait.
    So many questions.
    Has an origin been identified?
    Was gas and electric turned off?
    Homeless been living inside?
    How the heck is a building that size that involved prior to someone calling 911?

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