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Market Sunday In Walnut Creek


After a day of initial shock and a week of enduring trauma as two respected members of the local Farmers Market community were treated for major injuries suffered in a hit-and run crash at the very same location last week – people returned to the Walnut Creek Farmers Market.

The popular venue was back up and powering onward, with people sampling wares under favorable skies.

An area man is facing felony DUI charges in connection with the crash.


  1. Yes..good to have it back?
    Any news on the condition of the two vendors that were hurt?
    You know, I’m wondering if the attacker wasn’t in his truck sleeping off his drunk from one of the bars in the area when the vendors were trying to set up their tents and yeied to move him out of the way, and he got mad and
    took revenge?

    • People sure turned out, GT.

      We’re being careful as our info remains secondhand. Definitely serious injuries.

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