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Full Turtle In Walnut Creek Sunday


Crash reported at Tice Valley Boulevard and Rolling Hills Drive this morning really lit up our Flash Alert system. Our thanks to everyone who sent in pictures and loving morning messages until lensman Sean McDonough rolled up onscene.

People fist-bumping Sean and referring to the crash as a “Turtle” and we’re beginning to think we’re having an effect on you all.

Ambulances called and we believe at least one person went to the hospital for treatment and/or observation.

Thanks for Flashing!


  1. I didn’t know what a full turtle is. Learn something new every day. Hopefully the driver and passengers are ok

  2. I get the turtle reference is cute and all but when there are injuries, maybe serious, the reference seems self serving and the fist bumping callus. Just my opinion.

  3. Funny, most people assume that these SUVs are safer than cars because you sit a little higher up in them. But they sure seem to “Turtle” alot more than a sedan.

    • Center of gravity thing and all but we’re not saying as they haven’t assigned us to Accident Investigations.

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