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Large Fight Draws Police To Danville Bowl Saturday


Officers from several local agencies responded to a call of a large fight at Danville Bowl, 200 Boone Court in Danville, on Saturday night.

Initial reports were that a fight had broken out amongst a group of young adults – with an employee also reportedly attacked – shortly after 11 p.m.

Police determined that a customer allegedly assaulted two employees as they attempted to prevent him from bringing outside alcohol onto the premises.

The 28-year-old Oakland man was arrested on misdemeanor counts of battery and released after being issued a notice to appear in court.

Police also arrested a 26-year-old Oakland man on an outstanding felony warrant out of Oakland, proceeding to arrest him and book him into the Martinez Detention facility on $100,000 bail after he attempted to leave the scene.

Police from Lamorinda and San Ramon responded to a request for backup after 14 people were reported involved in the brawl. At least four people were detained.


    • Of the 14 involved and/or the 4 detained, just wondering how many uttered the oft-spoken quotes: “I didn’t see anything” or “I didn’t do anything”

  1. Well that’s the way we used to settle disputes back in the “good old days” (pretty much any time before the 70′). Then came shoot-em-up video games and drive by shootings. Nobody really got hurt except for the guy from El Sobrante that died at a dance in Orinda in ’67 or ’68. Can’t remember precisely.

    • Murders were more common before video games became common. Virtually All violent crime was higher before video games became common.

      There have been popular extremely violent mainstream movies since the 60s.

      Quit sounding like tipper gore.

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