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CHP Pursuit Ends With Foot Chase In Lafayette Wednesday


Photos from scene of arrest in Lafayette following a CHP pursuit of a car used in a felony retail theft Wednesday night.

Suspect vehicle either gave out mechanically or crashed with two individuals running into the surrounding neighborhood at Deer Hill and Brown Avenue. Police moved in, captured one individual and then brought in other assets to locate and arrest the second man some time later.


  1. So that is why the CHP helicopter was circling around. It wasn’t a lost dozen of donuts. XD
    Wow their getting serious about Shoplifting.

  2. Yee haw, nice nab by all Leo’s involved. Of course they seem to be being treated very nicely.

    Firestone 11R

  3. Told all my neighbors to sign up for the flash. Thanks for letting us know what was happening last night!!!

  4. Well, Lafayette is such a desirable area!
    You don’t expect them to never leave the city limits of Oakland, do you? Got to get out of that place!

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