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Fatal Plane Crash Reported In Concord Tuesday


A small plane reportedly making practice landings at Buchanan Field in Concord apparently stalled and crash at Concord Avenue and Diamond Boulevard – killing the pilot. 

Initial indications are that only one person was aboard. The plane apparently made contact with at least two vehicles on the ground but there were no reports of injuries or damage to either vehicle.

Area pilots following this site are reporting that the aircraft was rented from a local company. Initial indications are that the student pilot aboard the aircraft lost engine power after taking off from a practice touch-n-go landing, attempted to return to nearby Buchanan Field and stalled the aircraft.

Several local businesses have reported capturing segments of the crash on their video surveillance systems.  

There is a massive emergency response to this incident and numerous adjacent roadways have been shut down.


  1. RIP. Time to abolish touch and go practice at Buchanan and move it to Byron airport. Too risky, noisy, and polluting given the number of schools, residential areas, parks, trails, businesses right next to Buchanan.

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