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Morning Dispatches


A freshly minted week arrives and it’s good news for many, not so good for some.

We were out and about Sunday, taking the pulse along with some photos of the locals in action. Couldn’t help but notice a number of instances where residents lucky enough to grab a holiday in some exotic port of call returned home to find the family manse had been raided in their absence. If this happened to you, we’re sorry, but perhaps you’ll clue us in on some of the rough details so we can map the occurrence.

We also took note of an apparent increase in cardiac cases yesterday, establishing a correlation to a certain ongoing football game and hoping everyone’s team won and that they survived the game – which we were told was touch and go and close. Hope you had fun.

Some of the more grizzled veteranos among us suggested there might be cases of over-indulgence and post-game celebrations and while there were some boisterous gatherings and flagrant jersey wearing there were no real problems within our area of coverage.

Along with those dastardly “welcome home” burglaries we mentioned another unwelcome surprise arrived very stealthily in mailboxes across the 24/680 – and beyond – in the form of those pesky PG&E bills and, boy, apparently they caught some folks unawares despite fair warning of price increases this month. Everyone processing those adequately or were they another cardiac-inducer?

And, lastly, there were some whispers (lots of whispering going on lately) about a pretty heavy burglary out at Sun Valley Mall and it appears things are closing in on area shopping centers. If you have any solid information, again, drop a dime on us because – like that guy in “Dirty Harry” – we like to know.

Cheers, we’re here, let’s see what the week brings.


  1. Our PG&E bill was so much higher, that it crossed my mind that it would have been cheaper to have spent the last month in a Mexico resort instead of being home and heating the house.

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