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Armed Robbery Outside Orinda Wells Fargo Wednesday

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Three armed men surprised and robbed a victim outside the Orinda Wells Fargo Bank at 80 Moraga Way Wednesday, making off with an undetermined amount of funds or personal belongings.

The theft was reported at 11:50 a.m. in front of the bank, three black male suspects believed involved with two brandishing pistols.

Physically unharmed, the victim was left standing outside the bank while the men ran back to a grey, 4-door Honda Civic and were last seen making their way out of the city.

The type of crime, known as “jugging,” has become a favorite method of thieves in recent months, perpetrators looking for patrons who have withdrawn cash or are handling large amounts of money near their bank and who are approached and robbed outside.


  1. Well, thank goodness the state legislature refused to pass a bill by state senator Nancy Skinner of Oakland that would have decriminalized assault as long as less than $950 was taken.
    Can you imagine the bloodbath that every ATM would have become? I cannot believe that kind of legislation ever being proposed! But it kind of shows why we’re having a problem because of this kind of mindset amongst our lawmakers ,judges and DAs.

    • Yeah I agree Greg. Well, duh! NO amount of money should be ‘allowed’ to be stolen, from ANYONE! I’ll say it again – anarchy is a really BAD policy. It has NEVER, ever worked.

  2. “jugging,” OK, stop! Really, just stop!
    I don’t think that term is going to catch on or have meaning with us old white folks, or younger hispanics for that matter, in the 24680. Stick with what works in court, please. Assault with a deadly weapon has a more meaningful resonance. I don’t need to know what various drugs, weapons, and theft tactics are called in prison or gang vernacular. That notion is topsy turvy.

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