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“Rear Slider” Burglary In Orinda Sunday


Burglary crews at work in the 24/680 know the best way to gain entry to a home is at its weakest point – usually those great big sliding doors or windows we all like so much, safely out of sight at the rear of the residence.

As we reported at the time, one crew visiting Orinda Sunday chose that route – smashing a rear sliding door and entering a home on Oak Court on Sunday evening.

The crew apparently spent some time inside the residence before leaving through the front door with an undetermined amount of goods. Thefts of this type are dotting crime maps up and down the 24/680 and keeping our people on the run as reports of breaking glass and alarms come in with disturbing frequency.

Aside from the pushpin location given on an area crime map we’ve had no official word of this latest crime or others in the area in recent months, but we believe police are looking for three black male adults who have undoubtedly changed clothes by now. One was wearing a worker’s reflective vest at the time of the theft.

Readers, residents, and Followers who realize we are tracking these thefts have written to express surprise at how quickly the burglars strike, how they are apparently blending in with their targeted neighborhoods – taking time to surveil prospective targets – and melting away afterwards despite the quick response from police.

Our condolences to anyone who has been victimized in the past and to those who have had their homes invaded recently. Let us know if it has happened to you and if your have any insight to share.


  1. Happened to our next door neighbor late last year. Be aware of who’s moving through your neighborhood, say something(call OPD) if it doesn’t look right and take precautions so your house isn’t an easy target. OPD has our backs, the CC DA not so much, and the bad guys are feeling emboldened lately so it’s on us to be play our part in helping our respective locales.

  2. How about I leave my back door open and wait behind the fireplace with my double barrel and we won’t need the DA to do anything 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Oh! Oh! Two rear sliders and once again, I was not robbed or surveilled! It happens. I’m like the immobilized guy in Rear Window only I have nothing interesting to report. Did you report that? Nothing to see here.

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