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Retail Raiders Strike In Walnut Creek Sunday

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Swift-moving, apparently unrelated retail theft crews struck the Apple store and Labels Luxury Consignment store in Walnut Creek on Sunday, making off with a sizable quantity of electronics from Apple and an undetermined amount of goods from Labels.

Police responded quickly and scoured the area for cars believed used in the thefts. It was not known if any arrests were made.

News of the thefts spread quickly, reaching this site within minutes.

Reader “Suzanne” wrote about the experience in Apple when 3 suspects entered at 11:49 a.m. and began making off with phones and laptops.

“I implore the DAs office please prosecute these criminals…….. they are being allowed to steal away our sense of safety,” she wrote on our Facebook Page. “You can’t simply go anywhere in downtown Walnut Creek to shop and feel safe.”

Employees estimated that thieves were able to get away with $30,000 worth of electronics.

“I will give a lot of praise to the employees of the Apple Store and their response during the event shouting out at the criminals GET OUT and helping their customers,” Suzanne wrote. “WCPD was extremely quick to respond. But my sense of safety and security for being in downtown WC is gone for quite a while.”

Reports that the thieves had pushed an employee appeared to be unfounded. Police were investigating reports that a car associated with the thieves had been used in thefts at other Apple locations.

Police responded to Labels a short time after the Apple store thefts. Police were looking for an Hispanic male and female. It was not immediately known what was taken.

Both businesses have been the target of thieves in recent months.


  1. Yee Haw, yippee ki yay…….it’s The Wild West out there…..please be careful fellow citizens.

    Firestone 11R

  2. How come you can say we are looking for an Hispanic suspect , but you can’t ever say we are looking for 10 black suspects?

        • Which w.c mob action are we talking about?

          Again, our policy regarding racial descriptions in our stories remains the same as it has for years. If we have a “good” description of someone who poses a threat to public safety, we’ll put that information out.

          That said, we have also noticed an uptick in the number of posters attempting to get us to describe the racial makeup of alleged perpetrators – often AFTER they are in custody. We have found this to be a not-so-crafty and blatantly racist attempt to brand a people after the fact. That’s ugly and we won’t do it.

    • That’s a stupid ***comment to make blacks are always mentioned when they do robberies don’t play stupid an act like u never hear that, this is the first time I’ve heard Hispanic mentioned in a robbery so don’t go there with that race bulls***! How else are they goin to identify these robbers an ask the community for help! This has nothin to do with RACE at all your starting some pointless sh**grow up!

  3. If the PD would enforce window tinting rules they could interact with the thieves prior to the theft.

  4. This is really unacceptable! The lack of safety is going to ruin our community and downtown area! Becton really has to go. We need tough on crime policy! If the police are under staffed let’s get the National Guard in here!

    • Over some knockoff Louis Vuitton handbags or do you see something else afoot?

      We’re curious as this is becoming a recurrent theme.

        • I’m seeing a 3.7% unemployment rate and S&P 500 approaching a record high, and you see what? A dire economy and zombie mobilization? These retail thefts, car thefts, and especially the quick resort to violence are problems to be dealt with, but breakdown of society. Only on Faux News.

          • Two things can be true at once. Two economic indicators can be positive while law and order falls apart in certain states/communities.

          • I agree with you, Josh. Your headline is far superior. News reporters have gotten soft these days. Soft language, soft reporting. They don’t even leave their offices to do news, just send a few emails back and forth and do what any normal person can already do by googling it.

  5. Crime has been and will continue to be everywhere! Since well established white enclaves are experiencing more of it now it is a shoot on sight reaction?? Laughable! Know your surroundings crime is in every corner of the planet!

  6. “Both businesses have been the target of thieves in recent months.” Maybe so but that Apple store alone has been hit a number of times in the last few years.

  7. So tired of being a good paying citizen and these scumbags with no morals do this. These disgusting thugs I see everywhere and they are so easy to pick out in a crowd need to be stopped. Get a life losers

  8. “Retail Raiders.??.”.cute but it wasn’t an alliterative couponing gang.

    How about “Thieving trash feast on Broadway Plaza AGAIN.”

    • We’ll stick with what we have but do let us know when you get your blog up and running so we can drop by and give it the editorial once-over…

      • What are you even talking about? I read stories here every day covering breaking news and local crime that is either not covered elsewhere or gets re-reported by other outlets 2-3 days AFTER it has been here. Who else posted on the Apple and Labels thefts, and did their headline meet your needs to include increased criminal element commentary?

        (raider: a person who attacks business premises in order to steal)

  9. @Beau. So, if you live there, move away until local government and law enforcement work this out. We are not in a lifeboat here. These are pretty ordinary problems of government, and no one dictates where you call home. That’s the beauty of 3.7% unemployment in a country with no restrictions on mobility. If you want to stay and be part of making things better, even better!

  10. How come Marry Knox not being elected last time?? We people have to vote the right person. Let’s vote!!!! In a lot of countries people’s vote are not counted, and here we have the absolute right to speak for our own right and people give up on their rights.

  11. Don’t give them a cutesy name like ‘Retail Raiders’ call them what they are, criminals. Smash and grab, low-life criminals.

  12. A raider is defined as: a person who attacks business premises in order to steal. Sounds super cutesy, especially the way Webster wrote it up.

    (Notice that 1 word “Raider” replaces 10 words and “retail” manages to describe the type of business?)

    • Some people do not appreciate just how good the reporting and writing is here, and they just insist on spitting into the wind.

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