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One Dead In Chain Reaction Crash Near Concord Avenue Friday


One person was killed in a chain-reaction, 3-car crash on southbound I680 near Concord Avenue in Concord Friday night.

The crash occurred at 9:52 p.m. when a black Honda Pilot traveling southbound on I-680 collided with the concrete center divide and came to a stop in traffic.

CHP investigators said the driver of a white Chevrolet 2500 was traveling southbound at the time and was unable to avoid the disabled Honda – colliding with the vehicle. A third car, a Tesla, was also involved in the crash.

The driver of the Honda suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. The passenger was not injured. The drivers of the Chevrolet and the Tesla were not injured. The crash remains under investigation, according to the CHP.


  1. A vehicle cannot collide with a concrete divider, as it is immovable. Why not write instead that the driver apparently drove into the concrete divider?

    • “pronounced deceased at the scene”…by whom? Some bystanding schmo? He ain’t deceased until the coroner says so, AND THE NEWS STORY IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL if you question every jot and tittle.

      • Right..it’s like – you know what they mean. It’s not that serious. You’ll never finish an article analyzing writing structure or usage of certain words. As said on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – They said what they said. PERIODT! Lol. Happy New Year!

  2. Wow…are both of you journalists critiquing the story. Who cares if they used the word “collided” and coroners aren’t the only ones that can pronounce a deceased person.

    • If you read my post carefully you would understand that I was criticizing (using sarcasm) the petty nature of BettyA’s post.
      S. Gaines understood that.

    • My post was critical of BettyA’s post.
      S. Gaines got that while others didn’t.
      Poorly written post by me apparently.

  3. BetteA and David. The two of you are what is wrong with people commenting online. I have read thousands of articles and never took the time to post one until now. You must love looking for negatives everywhere and with everyone. YOU TWO ARE SO MUCH SMARTER THAN ALL OF US. (Yes, that is a dig at David’s use of CAPS 🙂 ) Thanks for all of your great reporting news24-680. You continue to be the first to report on what is going on in our community. I appreciate your site.

  4. Sad situation with this accident. it’s all too familiar with me cause I see this a lot in my profession. When a person is pronounced deceased on scene, it’s always announced by either CHP or the EMTs then they call out the corners to retrieve the body or bodies.

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