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“Interrupted” Burglar Chased Out Of Orinda Saturday

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An Orinda resident arriving home in the 300 block of Dalewood Drive was surprised to see a hoodied gent running from their residence and jumping into a UHaul rental truck at around 10 a.m. Saturday.

The resident notified police, who quickly threw a net up for the truck, acquiring it as the driver – described as a Hispanic male with a blue sweatshirt pulled up around his face – was steering onto westbound Highway 24 in an apparent bid to make it out of town.

An Orinda police officer gave chase with speeds reaching approximately 100 mph as officers notified colleagues on the far side of the Caldecott Tunnel – where the truck was last seen. It was not immediately known if the vehicle was spotted west of the tunnel.

Apparently, the Dalewood Drive residence reported some items missing from their home. Police were investigating reports that the suspect’s vehicle was reported parked on the street with cardboard in the windows prior to the burglary.


  1. Yes they are doing reconnaissance in the neighborhoods prior to striking. Too bad they couldn’t get him.

  2. “The resident notified police, who quickly threw a net up for the truck”…
    Dare I ask, what kind of police net has holes bigger than a tunnel? It’s a rhetorical question.

  3. It’s disappointing that whenever the crooks get back on the other side of the tunnel they just seem to disappear and never get caught. No wonder Oakland has become almost unlivable.

    • We don’t cover things over there regularly but we’re aware of aggressive enforcement action on that side of the tunnel.

  4. Lefty lovers like “news24-680” cause stuff like this. Their slanted “news” rakes in all the Biden-voter sheep. Where’s the article on the Trump rally in WC? Maybe you’ve realized your huge mistake.

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