Home Photos “Oh oh… Valiant Into the Sand Barrels!”

“Oh oh… Valiant Into the Sand Barrels!”


Minor injuries in this one, remarkably, after a car fellow motorists said was traveling (Bob Uecker Voice) “juusssst a litttle bit too fast…” on northbound I680 at Treat smacked into the attenuator barrels (lower left) and got a sand shower…


  1. That really is a Valiant! (Plymouth)
    I bet that title went over most people’s head..
    Who has heard of a Valient in 30 years?
    – actually who’s even heard of a Plymouth nowadays?

    • I know many who have, and in fact I have a 68 Plymouth Fury in the driveway right now, a 73 Duster in the back yard, 65 Plymouth Fury and 69 Plymouth Road Runner engines in the shop. Sold the 79 Plymouth Trailduster a few years ago.

  2. Around 1970 BC (Before own Car), my HS friend Randy used to chauffeur his pauper friend to the occasional party. His Valiant was always reliable, and the front console had a hidden compartment for condiments, at least Randy’s did.

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