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And A Good Time Was Had By All…

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Well, most everyone. And we certainly had a blast – acquiring some new togs, learning a new guitar lick and adding a couple of inches to the Holiday landslide that is our waistline.

Found ourselves smiling to ourselves on the ride home, Christmas memories old and new dancing in our little heads.

Made it back to the News Bunker to learn that some little boys and girls had been bad on Christmas Day (we won’t delve into that now – don’t want to burst the bubble) and had a second opening ceremony of the gifts we were lucky enough to land while the cocoa warmed.

Started getting pinged by our Ever Gentle Readers who wanted to know what was happening out there in our suburban landscape almost as soon as we sat down, so we ramped up and sent out what we knew – back in the game again with Christmas 2023 already starting to fade into memory.

Heckuva day – thanks to everyone who made it fun.

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