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The News24/680 Christmas Poem – Are You Included?


Gather ’round, Fair Readers, and ye shall hear,
Tales of the 24/680 and those we hold dear.

Most of you know we do this each December,
It’s a fun way for us to re-charge and remember

Old Friends, New Friends, Those Who’ve Gone Before Us
we believe in exercising the mental Thesaurus.

As stories go you know we’ve been busy,
because much of what we’ve written has left you a’Tizzy.

Thunder Runners, Ram Raiders, Blitz Crews, Overpass Clingers,
Say it fast and they sound like Christmas bell ringers.

We like language and mix Old with New,
Reporting the latest with our talented crew.

There’s “King” Cannon, “Razor1″ McDonough, and Flash Sherner,
All of them seasoned pros and not one a Learner.

Backing them up, on the ball and ever ready,
we also have Jason, Gint, Andrew, Mike and a Freddie.

Many say it’s this crew that have made us local news leaders,
we won’t argue the point but defer to our readers:

What would we do without Rachael, The Harrigans, Jeff, and our squad of Amandas?
Talking with you is more fun than a roomful of Pandas.

There’s Joan, Bill, Mike, Isabel, Celeste, a bunch of Kristins and a Sprig of Holly,
Hearing from you makes the Season more Jolly.

By now you may realize there are too many to mention,
with more people here than at an Apple Convention.

We connect with you all through The Flash, Facebook or Twitter,
and our digital connection leaves us feeling aglitter.

To you all we say “Merry Christmas, it’s great to have you with us,”
even as we break bad news, we’re sorry – it’s the nature of our business.

A New Year looms and we’re eager to see what’s coming,
as soon as these drummer boys stop all their tat-a-tat tatting.

Here’s hoping you’ll accept our attempt at an Annual Verse,
and our effort to fit you all in without seeming terse.

Merry Christmas from Our Gang to yours.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 24/680.
    Continue to do what you do. My daily reading of your offerings puts a spring in my step, as well as extra lilt in my voice.

  2. Merry Christmas and best of the Holidays to our favorite newsies! We’re sheltering in Carmel for a few days! See you all again soon!

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