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Where “The Invisibles” Live…


We see many of them moving around at night, resisting offers of shelter – and we wonder where they go.

This is the Olympic Boulevard off-ramp from southbound I680 in Walnut Creek.


  1. Homeless peeps also sleep in their vehicles parked on city streets or behind Sam’s Club in Concord, in the underground Target garage in Walnut Creek, and in the Walmart parking lot in Martinez (and sometimes in the Kaiser Hospital garages); in tents under BART overhead tracks; and under Newell Ave. near the Walnut Creek Macy’s and often under California St. (wherever the creeks ate, you’ll find homeless peeps too). Some homeless peeps also sleep behind restaurants and stores with woods nearby, especially if nobody else likes them. And didn’t one homeless guy use a stone paver to bash another homeless guy’s head inside the Civic Park Gazebo? Earlier this year that ex-homeless creep was judged to be criminally insane. So now he gets three hots and a cot for life in a California mental institution.

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