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Overpass Demonstrations In The 24/680 Friday


People with various political positions and sentiments took to local overpasses to express themselves Friday before rainfall brought many of the flags down and forced the demonstrators to cover.

No problems reported, with varying positions represented on individual overpasses. This one was in Lafayette, though Flashers and other tipsters reported seeing flags of a countering political position in Walnut Creek.


  1. Nobody has ever seen such a big, beautiful crowd. It stretched all the way to the Washington monument.

    What happened Oct 7 was horrible, horrible, but the insurmountable, unaccountable force of the pro-Israel lobby for 70 years is showing cracks. A new generation is finally demanding an explanation of what the hell is going on. Simple accountability, thank you. The Israeli government needs to explain itself, the brutal oppression, the incompetence, and the corruption of its leader. A civil war can have more than one bad guy, don’t you know. A new generation wants to know why we continue to write those blank checks.

    The Dobbs decision authored a 50-year U-turn in American politics. This Israel fiasco may be another seminal moment. Young people are asking the dangerous question no one dared ask for decades, why? Who are the victims here? What is OUR interest and what is OUR culpability?

    • There’s hundreds of videos of tunnels made by Hamas from hospitals, schools and places of worship. I would say Israel has been pretty accountably posting their targets and findings to social media, and to corporate media as well. Even Al Jazeera interviewed Palestinians in Al sharifa hospital and they said why is Hamas here we want Hamas gone from here.

      • Both things can be – and are – true. It’s a challenge to articulate but one can easily support the Israeli people, the Palestinian population, and be totally against the Israeli government and Hamas.

      • What Tim said. It’s hard to articulate, especially with facile accusations of “You are this! You are that!”

        This is one of the most complex problems the world will face, but the running narrative of the last 70 years has to be thrown out and looked at with fresh eyes, and I guarantee you, the younger generation will bring a fresh look to this.

        • A “fresh look,” alas polluted with puerile social media propaganda basted in an acrid stew of a false “victim” “oppressor” dichotomy to justify antisemitism?

          Youth is indeed wasted on the young.

          • Propaganda thrives on false choices, but I don’t see the elderly as any shrewder than the younger generations here. Disinformation moves faster than ever, and who is savvier at sniffing out foul effluent than the generations that swim so effortlessly in it. The track record of the old men running the show does not augur well for them or their failed strategies. The hard-right Israeli strategy of supporting Hamas (“controlling Hamas”) to split and weaken Palestinians, push settlements, and prevent any hope of a 2-state solution has backfired big time.

  2. It”s a Clash of Civilizations..,one has to disappear. Ongoing since Saladin and Charles “The Hammer” Martel….look them up.

    Firestone 11R

    • Referring to Hamas as a “civilization,” connoting “civilized” conduct, strains the definition of the root word “civil.”

    • “It”s a Clash of Civilizations..,one has to disappear.”
      “one has to disappear”, i.e. “must” disappear.
      Well, making a civilization disappear would be shorthand for genocide, which is a war crime in this century and last, and you sound a note of indifference to that outcome. The Jews and Palestinians are people.

  3. VI. Six. 6 demonstrators protesting an unimaginable horror. Why so few? Distance? Apathy? Anti-semitism? Or is it something more complicated like trying to navigate 2 seas of propaganda? It seems everyone comes out of it with their own version of “truth”.

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