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“Dodge Charger” Burglary Crew Crashes In Alamo After Smoke Shop Raid Thursday


An early-morning burglary attempt at a San Ramon smoke shop ended in a pursuit, a bad crash on Interstate 680 in Alamo and a helicopter wake-up for residents unlucky enough to be living in the resultant search grid Thursday.

Police were notified of a grey Dodge Charger backed up to the Smooth Leaf Smokeshop, 12903 Alcosta Boulevard shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday, a driver waiting behind the wheel while at least one other person hauled loaded items from the store into the car.

As police closed in the Dodge took off at speed, heading for the freeway and making it to Interstate 680 – where it sped away at speeds in excess of 100mph. Officers later determined that the crew had removed the protective screen from the store to make entry.

Police briefly lost sight of the getaway car until shortly after 3 a.m. when the vehicle reportedly the center divide south of the Livorna Road offramp in Alamo and was, in turn, struck by a box truck – spilling fuel from the truck and smoke products from the Charger.

Three people believed in the Charger at the time of the crash quickly scattered into the surrounding area with police once again closing in, helicopters descending on the area to aide officers on the ground.

Northbound I680 was closed for several hours at Livorna while police made their search. It was not immediately known if any arrests were made.


  1. I would assume police are keeping an eye on any Dodge Charger seen late at night. If this is possible. Seems reasonable at this point.

  2. Yee haw, welcome to Tombstone. They’re lucky they didn’t crash at Diablo Rd or ol Wyatt would have ridden in.

    Firestone 11R

    • I would imagine when a car crashes like this and the suspects flee there will be plenty of DNA and fingerprint type evidence left behind. Do you think the police will follow up on this and later identify/arrest the criminals?

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