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Lafayette Man Re-Arrested – Arraigned On Armed Home Invasion, Kidnapping, And Child Abuse Charges

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A Lafayette man who allegedly held a neighboring family hostage at gunpoint in their apartment and who disappeared from a court-ordered mental health diversion program pending trial has been re-captured and is currently being held without bail.

Kenneth David McIsaac, 31, was arraigned today (Wednesday) at 1:30 pm in Martinez for kidnapping, false imprisonment by violence, second-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, criminal threats, and child abuse. He entered a plea of not guilty in front of Judge Rebecca Hardie. The charges stem from a Sept. 24, 2022 incident at the Lafayette Highlands apartments in Lafayette when McIsaac pulled a gun on a mother and her daughter on their way back from the apartment’s pool at around 3 p.m., forced them into their apartment, bound them along with two additional family members who walked in on the crime and held the entire family hostage for more than five hours before the woman’s husband was able to break free.

The adult male member of the family overpowered McIsaac and went to neighbors to call police, who arrived and placed the suspect under arrest.

McIsaac was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries received after he was overpowered. Three days later, on Sept. 27, he was booked into the West County Detention Facility McIsaac and remained in custody for a year.

Then, on Sept. 5, 2023, against opposition from the DA’s Office, the court determined that a mental health diversion program would provide more effective treatment for McIsaac’s condition and released him from custody. McIsaac, who had taken up residence in a court approved location, was subsequently seen by members of the public aware of his alleged crimes – and left the diversion program without notice.

He was located in Oakland Tuesday night and apprehended by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and the Safe Streets Task Force, a joint law enforcement effort comprised of the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, federal partners, and local law enforcement agencies.

At a hearing today in front of Judge Julia Campins, McIsaac’s mental health diversion status was terminated at the District Attorney’s request.

He remains in custody with no bail. Criminal proceedings will resume Nov. 29 in Martinez.


  1. Not a lawyer and not aware of the legalities but are ankle bracelets ordered for diversion programs involving defendants involved in violent crimes???

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