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Memorial To Victims Of Oct. 7 Terror Attack Stirs Those On Both Sides Of The Conflict


A small but growing grass-roots memorial to the Oct. 7 terror attacks in Israel is getting attention from passersby in downtown Walnut Creek – and stirring the emotions of locals on both sides of the conflict.

Hamas fighters killed an estimated 1,400 Israelis, largely civilians, in a surprise attack on the country that day. An estimated 10,000 Palestinians have since died as Israel’s military retaliated with bombing strikes and subsequent efforts to root out the terrorist group Hamas.

The brutal terror strike and subsequent plight of civilians in the Gaza Strip has ignited protests across some parts of the United States. A few local demonstrations have been peaceful for the most part.


  1. Please exercise judgement when quoting figures related to casualties. Cite sources as everyone knows that the first casualty of war is the truth.

  2. In Pleasant Hill on Oak Park Blvd. someone made a point to post flyers of people kidnapped by Hamas on PG&E poles leading up to PH Elementary. I understand that people want to bring attention to the issue, but I don’t think there’s much it will do to bring anyone back. Maybe you have powers to find them, but it’s certainly out of my control.

    There are a lot of strong feelings but in this situation I feel like if you’re going to post flyers of kidnapped/missing people maybe it would be more appropriate to bring light to the individuals that have been kidnapped in the surrounding cities and counties. I’d love to see this kind of passion be applied to missing children around here to try and help friends/family affected in our communities.

  3. “Let’s be careful out there”
    Maybe this time calls for some Sixties crazy stuff. Approach your adversary slowly with a delicate flower for the barrel of their gun or the lapel of their jacket. This is not a time for accelerants.

  4. No those crosses are for our military men and women who were killed in action and continue to be killed in the Middle East. Besides it’s on private land not public.

  5. The white crosses are local US Military Service Heroes that were killed in Afghanistan. Im thinking re-purposing there crosses isn’t going to happen.

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