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Robbery Crew Believed To Have Made Return Visit To Walnut Creek Wednesday


A woman was robbed of her purse outside a car wash in the 2100 block of N. Main Street in Walnut Creek on Wednesday – the two men responsible believed to be the pair involved in another robbery on N. Broadway in the city last week.

The 1:18 p.m. robbery was conducted by two black men reportedly wearing hoodies and masks – one driving a white Honda Accord used during a previous robbery Nov. 3 during which a man was approached and robbed of a chain and wallet.

In Wednesday’s instance, one suspect described as 6′ tall, thin build, wearing a grey hoodie exited the car to take the victim’s purse. No injuries were believed reported.


  1. They’re still using the same car? So we’re dealing with very young or not very smart crooks one wrong move away from a jail cell.

  2. Criminals don’t go to jail anymore. Even if the police were to catch them, the system will turn them loose again to repeat their crimes tomorrow.

  3. The city council doesn’t protect us, there are too few officers and we have a reputation of not fighting back. That is a SOFT Target friends. Also it’s robbery season.

  4. Thank you for your timely reporting. Let’s see if the WC City Council can step up and do their jobs to fully staff and empower the police to enforce all laws. If you are a concerned business owner, resident or visitor to the City, please email the Mayor and City Council.

  5. The June 2020 order to WC police to stand down and let everyone loot the stores continues to pay negative dividends years later. Has anyone ever taken responsibility for that decision?

  6. The answer to whether criminals will keep breaking the law is very evident! Unfortunately the district attorneys in Contra Costa and Alameda counties don’t want these criminals in jail. Be smarter voters!!

  7. Know who you are voting for at all levels of government. It does matter and it affects everyone’s quality of life.

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