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Tires, Tempers Overheat In Walnut Creek Friday


What started out as a deceptively quiet Friday night in the city turned into isolated tableaus of chaos as sideshow activity and fistfights prevailed into early Saturday morning.

Fights outside at least two local clubs were reported. No number of arrests – if any – was given at press time.


  1. Always find a few questionable characters outside of 1515 and Modern China. BITD they would receive special attention, but modern social beliefs make that impossible.

    Firestone 11R

      • I live close by, not that it matters, but I find this very disturbing. Either the participants didn’t know they were that close to City Hall and the police station, or they didn’t care. I suspect the latter. Anyone know if the police at least cited anyone, or did anything? Aren’t vehicles used for sideshows supposed to be towed and impounded?

  2. I hope the City Council’s luncheon and conference agenda will not be impacted by having to address questions and concerns over why this is happening right in front of their building, in what was once a well-respected, peaceful community of responsible and mostly law-abiding residents. I also hope that the manual written by Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao on how to manage a crime-soaked and run-down city proves to be an educational picture book for WC’s mayor (who’s turn is it in the leadership carousel?) Oh, my! Did that sound snarky? You betcha! This legacy resident is PISSED by the S@&& that’s grabbed a hold of downtown WC! Get your S@&& together, you pros, before you run to Sedona and leave a shantytown behind!

  3. Unbelievable. Right in front of city hall. Appropriate. Long time resident watching WC turn into little Oakland, with full support of city hall denizens. Bye, bye, avoid the place now.

  4. I’m unclear on what 1515 may be doing to promote (or deter) a certain “vibe”. Once the rough crowd decides that’s the spot to go, how is the business supposed to respond? Make itself undesirable somehow to deter patronage? It appears people are getting overserved there or not kicked out in a timely fashion for bad behavior, but that may not be the case.

  5. Hmmmm…..I’m unclear why this even points to 1515? These idiots are not even in front of 1515. Additionally, there are at least 6 other restaurant/bars between this location and 1515 on the same street towards City Hall where this occurred. These are more than questionable characters and they are becoming all over the city, it’s out of control. Something needs to be done, this is totally unacceptable. Enough is enough!

    • I would love for you to name the six bars between this spot  and modern China. People were drinking right outside of modern China saw a big blue and white bottle of casa Azul being consumed on the steps right next door. 

  6. I feel like the mayor is completely out of control. Is it the same one who told the police to stand down when the large group smashed our shopping area. They should be warned the next time they will taken care of by close cities to help and arrest all these little losers. Take our town back. Or some people will form a Vigilante group. We are feed up with these jerks who are giving our police the finger.

  7. WC city council told the WCPD to stand down during the downtown looting, thinking that if WC was non-confrontational we wouldn’t end up on national news and the criminals would move on and leave WC alone. Big mistake. Now the criminals know that it’s easy pickings here and there will be no consequences. I fear it’s too late to reverse that trend.

  8. There are no leaders or police wiling to stop this, the mayor is for it the police just follow orders, time to understand were on our owner Can’t vote your way out of tyranny

    • I read it as “sideshow activity” which is a reference to the power donuts, intersection takeover and even the willing participating of an organ donor filming the waste of fuel and time. Looked like sideshow activity to me, morons in a borrowed sedan or not.

  9. Bruce Jower is probably going to lie and say it happened somewhere else. He blatantly lied to the Planning Commission, Mayor, and Chief of Police about businesses and so much more.

  10. Folks, the fact of the matter is this will not be addressed by city leader’s either tomorrow Monday or the future. Should they ever admit it to the urban decay that is aiming to grab hold, it will be to ask for additional taxes from the residents and homeowners of Walnut Creek. Already on Nextdoor, there are persons who have made it their life’s mission this weekend to either deny this ever happened, or downplay the actions of these three tossers (the riders and the tall and lean paparazzo seen taking close ups of his boy toys). I do believe we are on our own, we are after all mere residents/homeowners, easily replaced, and not business owners or political enablers. Personally, I wish to thank News24 for making us aware of the situations, and I mean numerous situations, the examples of of decline of the suburb that we once chose to believe and invest in, and the civility, respect, and kindness that long ago drew us to the beautiful open space, valleys, and foothills of Mt. Diablo.

  11. “technically” a sideshow or sideshow activity or whatever according to the chief, who told the city council that no one called police about this. the pd dispatchers didn’t hear it. does anyone live down there? Or is it just normal?

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