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Pursuit Through Downtown Lafayette Friday Night

Actual photo of the pursuit through downtown Lafayette Friday.

California Highway Patrol officers, supported by Lamorinda police and a sheriff’s helicopter, pursued a grey Lexus running from officers at high speed Friday night, eventually disabling the vehicle and arresting a suspect who ran from the car in the 3300 block of Mount Diablo Boulevard.

Officers apparently wanted the car for alleged traffic violations, the pursuit ranging down Highway 242 to I680 and eventually into downtown Lafayette. The vehicle was subsequently determined to have been stolen.

The circuitous chase led police onto westbound SR24 but the lone driver of the vehicle doubled back onto city streets, running over police spike strips and losing a tire before coming to a stop at 3366 Mount Diablo and running on foot into the Park Lafayette apartment complex.

Police quickly flooded the area, establishing a perimeter and calling in a police canine team believed to have tracked the suspect and eventually leading him to surrender at approximately 11:30 p.m.


  1. Nice work by all agencies involved. Wonder if Becton will prosecute…..maybe the doggie got some chew toy time.

    Firestone 11R

    • Well, if they gave the dog “chew toy time”, she wouldn’t be able to prosecute in the United States. Instead, the police would be anticipating and fearing a civil or civil rights lawsuit. Your attempt at humor is repugnant.

      • Hopefully the dog bite permanently severed the perps’ Achilles tendon or hamstring so the fugitive won’t be able to bail on foot next time. And there will be a next time, unfortunately.

        • I’ve read your comments before. I don’t think you wish for that unnecessary injury. We are all due some respect as human beings and due process if rule of law is to exist.

  2. I hate when alleged criminals have nicer outfits and shoes than me. It really messes with the internal narrative that my bleeding heart tells me about why they’re out allegedly robbing and pillaging.

  3. A stolen car? Traffic violations? I was driving on the freeway when the suspect and the police car in pursuit almost caused me to get in a fatal accident on the freeway. Seriously? How many hundreds of lives were put in danger while a stolen car wanted for traffic violations Was pursued… Absolutely ridiculous

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