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Child Maced During Incident At Walnut Creek Medical Office


A 9-month-old child was apparently sprayed with chemical agent during a dispute and altercation outside a Walnut Creek sports medicine office Wednesday.

Firefighters were summoned to treat the child after the incident, during which a former employee of the Lennon Lane sports medicine practice allegedly brandished a canister of chemical agent and deployed it in the parking lot – striking the child and possibly its mother.

It was not immediately known if the child was an intended target of its assailant or merely a victim of overspray from the agent.

Walnut Creek police officers were dispatched to the area and are reportedly looking for a woman in her mid-30s who once worked for the practice and who left the scene on a motorcycle following the incident.

The extent of injury to the child and whether or not hospitalization was required was not immediately known.

The incident was reported at approximately 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.


  1. A very unfortunate incident. But, as I’ve recommended to 24/680 readers, never leave home without your condiments…..pepper.

    Firestone 11R

    • Thanks for your post.

      Perhaps this is a good time to point out we frequently get online/offline tips and witness accounts of these incidents. We remain open to them, of course, but we ask that posters identify themselves, their positions during the incident and firsthand descriptions of events as they saw them. We know some stories tend to take on a life of their own and that often witnesses are reluctant to come forward or see things differently than the person next to them but we’re looking for a solid accounting of the facts.

      Thanks everyone…


  2. It was bear mace. Not distorting anything. Besides, that’s not the point. Who cares what type of mace it was? A child was attacked.

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