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Everyone Feeling Okay?

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We’ve heard of the uptick in Covid cases in the county and our healthcare people say it’s true.

More folks seem to be reporting symptoms and new mask/no mask vaccinate/no vaccinate arguments are springing up again because that – apparently – is what we do.

For our part we’re staying removed from people in general and vulnerable family members specifically, anxious that we’ll pass something along to them. That’s just us. We know others are adopting other positions despite past losses.

What’s YOUR take? Taking precautions or taking it all in stride and throwing the dice?


  1. Better now thank you but it was touch and go there for a while. I couldn’t move for about 2 weeks and had a splitting headache. Doctor confirmed it was covid and I went home but I wasn’t much good to anyone until it ran its course. I do hope people take precautions because you don’t want what I had.

  2. The efficacy of masking and vaccines are dependent on adherence/compliance levels. Some take steps to avoid the potential risks, while others do not want to be told by others how they should conduct themselves. For the record I am feeling healthy and vibrant. Taking a measured approach with social activity.

  3. Covid never really went away. I will be checking on when the next booster comes out and will continue to wear masks. I can’t stop traveling unfortunately but I would if I could.

  4. Don’t even ask
    Not gonna wear a mask

    Too many reports that they just don’t work. Too many variables. If YOU believe your mask can save you then wear one. I will not be partaking in that. Also no more vaxx. I have had 2 friends who developed heart trouble after vaxx and boost. Other countries are doing studies on this. More needs to be done. Obviously stay home if your sick and if your at high risk do what your Dr says.
    Also consider this- I heard masks cause terrible wrinkles around the mouth so if you use one, wash your face a lot and use moisturizer.

  5. I don’t think we have to worry about mask mandates. But I would caution what mask you use. Lot of studies around who is making masks, the chemicals in them, and their efficacy recently. Covid fatigue is at an all time high. I just can’t see mandates coming back. Huntington Beach banned sweeping mandates.

  6. Feeling ok thanks!!! I am distancing and masking in crowded areas. I do know people who are sick and missing work and stuff.

  7. It’s not going away. I mask when visiting elderly people and the vulnerable and I’ve been avoiding gatherings because I do see people with apparent symptoms not taking precautions. I respect everyone’s right to choose to mask or not but DO NOT challenge or abuse me for wearing one. I was astonished to see a public health issue still has taken on politifcal implications.

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