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Suspects In Moraga Wells Fargo Mugging Sought In Other Bank Assault Cases Sunday


A woman robbed outside the Moraga Wells Fargo Bank Branch Sunday was the latest in a string of victims targeted by thieves driving a white BMW SUV and striking at bank branches throughout the East Bay.

The unidentified bank patron told police she was confronted by a group of young, black males ages 16 to 18 years – her purse and cell phone taken by force.

The trio, in a white BMW SUV – possibly an X6 Series – was spotted moments later driving through Orinda and then on westbound Highway 24, local police giving chase.

The driver of the BMW accelerated and allegedly used a series of evasive maneuvers to throw off pursuers, now believed to be in Oakland-Berkeley.



  1. For those of us who know the neighborhood, it takes a great deal of intention to access the Town of Moraga. Whether one is law abiding or not, it is a 5-7 mile trip to gain Highway 24 access. Everyone be vigilant and stay safe.

  2. I guess I can say my “through the Caldecott tunnel” comment again.
    This really is a shame! And to think that state senator Nancy Skinner- from the “otherside of the tunnel” -had proposed a bill to decriminalize assault as long as less than $950 was taken. That would have turned every ATM into an attack zone. What are some of our politicians thinking!

        • Don’t hold your breath.
          The last Republican for President who won the popular vote since 1992 (30+ years ago) was GW, and there was a war on…
          Maybe, maybe one more sizable defeat for the cult of Trump 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024 will snap what remains of a GOP out this autocratic, white-Christian-nationalist madness.

          • We all have our points of view, our experiences, our political preferences, our differences. You indicate that you are currently a Republican. That’s a choice. The Republican party now belongs to the followers of one would-be autocrat with “retribution” as its platform, and you are on-board, today. With that choice you have crossed a pretty bright line with respect to what passes for the rule of law in the world’s oldest democracy. “What Dear Leader says” is not the rule of law, and the minority pool of worshipers is shrinking. Hence the desperation, and the call to violence.

    • Yes, I hope the victim is ok as well. We all need to have our head on a swivel these days and look after each other.

  3. We need to put up barriers and then close the tunnel just before they make it there. The police could catch them in the backup.

    • that sounds nice but could come as a rude shock to any motorists unlucky enough to be on the road with them at the time.

  4. Moraga has license plate readers and very likely on Moraga Way, so they will be looking for the beamer.
    The young ghetto trash are looking for easy pickins and they will return. Amazing to me that they can get
    to the freeway without being pulled over. More police?

  5. As a former Orinda an Moraga resident, I advise you all to arm yourselves and leave a once lovely state that is doing a swirly down the toilet bowl… We cashed out 4 years ago and have never looked back…good luck

  6. Not that many ways to access and exit M. Town. Do we have security cams in all places? Do we need toll gates to control our safety? Do we all need to be armed now? Sadly and angrily, without police force being legally empowered, we are all powerless. Guess, I’ll just dust off a very big stick and won’t be loathe to use it. (Even if I might get the short end of it). Sick and tired of these lawless rats.

  7. Oakland should be sued by neighboring cities including those of Lamorinda for abrogating law enforcement and jurisprudence. Oakland mayor Thao and Alameda County D.A. Price should be sued as well.

    • Oh, if wishing would make it so…
      Oakland PD has been under court-ordered supervision for 20 YEARS and failed to satisfy the minimal requirements for operating safely and professionally. Lawsuits are expensive, inefficient, and (as just-stated) don’t always achieve the desired outcome. So far, the new mayor and new DA are not encouraging anyone to expect better results, but frankly I can only wish them well. Constant recall efforts and political turmoil are not productive either. I lived in Oakland for a good while. Oakland deserves a better future.

  8. More of us need to fight for our right to peaceful enjoyment of our town. It’s too late for anything except arming ourselves and fighting back, even at risk to ourselves. When a few of these failed humans are gunned down in self defense, words will get out. We’re making it easy pickings for this garbage with legs. And we need mandatory minimum decade plus sentences for any violent offenses.

  9. “arming ourselves and fighting back”…”for our right to peaceful enjoyment of our town” sounds oxymoronic to me. I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t an advocate of this thinking. Of course, he was killed for his pacifist ideals, so maybe that is your bible lesson for us. Don’t be a sucker!

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