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Police Investigating Murder Suicide In Danville Wednesday


A father and his two daughters were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide currently under investigation in Danville Wednesday evening.

Homicide and crime scene investigators are at a home on Larkwood Circle where the bodies were discovered, some if not all believed killed by gunshot.

A Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office release confirmed the occurrence and discovery and said no threat was posed to the public at large. Danville police were initially sent to the home to establish the well-being of an adult and two juvenile occupants.

The deceased adult was identified Thursday as 44-year-old Nemanja Isailovic, of Danville. Isailovic lived at the residence with his daughters, ages 11 and 13.

The names and ages of the juveniles were not released by law enforcement officials.

Police responded to the residence after Isailovic’s ex-wife placed a call to officers expressing concern for the family’s welfare.


  1. My heart is hurt for this family.
    But how is it the public shouldn’t be concerned when there is a murderer still at large?
    There are hundreds out there doing these things as we speak.
    There are thousands of rapist and pedophiles from all over the world being released from jail into Northern California within the last five years, or more.
    How should we not be concerned?
    We should absolutely be concerned… AT ALL TIMES BE CONCERNED! ABSOLUTELY!

  2. This is so sad! My heart hurts for those people, who no doubt we’re going through some hard things and probably had little hope. Too that a stranger/good Samaritan could not have brightened their week with some kind words and encouragement. This may not have happened then. I’ve got to say, the Bay Area is becoming a very mean place. I guess people are just stressed out of their gourds and it’s showing and we are losing our Humanity.

  3. There is no justification for taking the lives of those two children. Please keep their mother in your prayers. She is the one having to grieve and deal with the aftermath of this at the same time.

  4. So sad, prayers to the ex-wife who made the well-fair call to Danville police. She’s now without her 11 and 13 year old daughters. Mental health is real! Get that sh*t checked out if you’re struggling!

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