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Fatal Crash On Coggins Drive in Pleasant Hill Tuesday


A motorist was killed after his BMW crashed into a pole at Coggins and Las Juntas drive in Pleasant Hill on Tuesday.

The crash was reported at 2:03 pm.

The black BMW sedan was traveling eastbound on Coggins Drive when it left the roadway and collided with a raised concrete curb and two steel poles, which caused the vehicle to overturn.

The driver was pronounced deceased at the scene.


  1. Looks like he hit that tall contra costa centre sign with concrete base. That’s right where the trail is, there are multiple short poles there blocking cars from entering and the big one that says contra costa centre with a map is lying there on the ground.

  2. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this. It’s such a tiny narrow street there. Hard to believe anyone could reach high speeds.

    • No immediate evidence pointing that way, John, and it would take a little time to ferret out – but certainly possible.


  3. I used to live in that area and vehicles heading EB frequently got up well above the posted limit. The turn is pretty tight as it transitions to Las Juntas so it’s pretty easy to see how this occurred if the driver was unfamiliar with it.

  4. I just had my sig others 18y nephew pass from hitting a pole last March off viking in Concord. He swerved after another car cut in front of him to “be ahead” of the trailing length of cars coming in opposite direction that would have required him to wait an extra couple minutes in his day. Instead on his impulsive response was to chance it, resulting in the loss of life for another who did not expect anything of the sort, and who was opening to speed limit of 35. We were able to watch a video from 7-Eleven… People don’t really have to be speeding, it just takes one other idiot. Sometimes not, to cause a tragedy like this. Since this happened so close to home with family, it really raised question for us on something I have long thought about. Can somebody please tell me why we find it necessary to put telephone poles, lights, things that are catastrophic endings for a vehicle, micrometers off the roadways where at any given moment people do need to swerve to avoid something else and they’re only options sometimes is a fatal move that they don’t even have time to reconsider? Is it not possible to consider putting things like this six or 10 ft further than they are now? Is there some aesthetic I’m missing? I don’t find any reason why our streets need to be lined with telephone poles and or lights as close as they are. For this very reason. If you look at how many people die from hitting poles of some sort, it’s disturbing and not even necessary, which is the biggest kicker of it. All. Kind of makes me sick. I mean of all the gaps between them, that People could go through instead, it just seems they don’t ever get that lucky. Driving is like a game of Russian. Roulette. More so like one where you are not even in control of your own turn, in a sense making it like a double jeopardy type thing! Regardless, the entire situation is really sad, but if anybody out there has a sensible response to why we are so into this whole whole placement, please explain the logic to me. Because it’s much research as I’ve done on it. Personally, I just haven’t found anything yet. That makes sense. Whos bright idea wasn’t anyway? Because if you look at the numbers, it kind of flashes like a neon sign that there’s an issue with this being a common trend for roadside fatality and that in itself seems the best possible trigger for change in my personal opinion. But it just isn’t happening… As I watch new developments go up right along with all these damn poles. Maybe we should go out and just put random live person faces online every single one… With the RiP for the future. Sadistic? Quite so. But what is it really going to take? just saying, all logic welcome…

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