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Driver Crashes, Flees – Resuscitated By Police In Walnut Creek Wednesday


A driver who fled a crash scene on southbound I680 south of N. Main Street was discovered unresponsive in a nearby warehouse and resuscitated after police following an indoor drone found him in cardiac arrest.

The unidentified driver first came to police attention at 8:55 pm when he lost control of his car and crashed off I680. Police responding to the scene were advised the man had fled into a nearby warehouse.

Police found evidence of a break-in at a building in the 1400 block of Lesnick Lane and used an indoor drone to conduct a search of the structure. The individual was found unresponsive on the second floor of the building, apparently in cardiac arrest.

Officers sent in to take the man into custody applied life-saving measures, reviving him at least twice. It was not immediately known what triggered the cardiac event, though police are investigating the possibility of earlier drug use.


  1. So he overdoses while driving…. CRASHES…. runs into a building where he would have DIED if the police hadn’t found him with a drone and resuscitated him? Do I have it right?

    • Yes you have it right. My only concern & worry is that the police will be blamed for his cardiac arrest (no pun intended)… that’s kind of the current climate of blame-the-cops and excuse the criminal mentality.
      Obviously the guy was doing something bad: why else would he run, break into a warehouse, hide?

  2. Will he be given any citations? I hear about these potential speed cameras and “zero traffic deaths” but it seems you are more likely to get hit than ever. Between the stolen cars, apparently drug addicts and people who now don’t pay attention but let their cars do most of the work. Yikes!

    • (In our best Dick Winters “Band of Brothers”-type voice)
      “We’re a News Service, Randy, we’re not here to miss much…”

  3. Massive amount of resources utilized to help someone willing to risk death by intentional use of a lethal drug.

  4. this story is missing the part where the driver was speeding down 680 and crashed into the person next to me and thats what made him lose control as his tire flew off making him veer off the freeway at a high rate of speed.

  5. Drivers under the influence kill and injure innocent drivers almost every 30 minutes of every day. Hope that you aren’t the unlucky one who is in the DUI’s way!

    • I’m sorry, Lori, but who ever said he had been taking Fentanyl? If I read correctly, “drugs were suspected”. And, I’m not supporting anything that this man did, but he’s a human being who obviously has a lot of problems.

  6. Why did the police even attempt to save him? They would have done us all a favor to let him code out and wait for fire and the medics.

  7. I understand the frustration and anger about all of the lives that this man jeopardized, but he’s a HUMAN BEING! People have become so vicious and inhumane! What if he was your family member? Your son? With a debilitating addiction? Some of the above who commented are so self-absorbed and heartless! Sad state of affairs. 😪

  8. We make our own choices in life and should be ready to stand by them – even when they are the wrong ones.

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