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Crisis Negotiations Close Walnut Creek Overpass Early Monday


Police responded to the Treat and Buskirk overpass in Walnut Creek early Monday after a person climbed through a fence at the location and threatened to jump.

Northbound I-680 and traffic across the Treat Boulevard overpass was closed briefly in both directions as California Highway Patrol and Walnut Creek police moved in to seal off the area and begin negotiations with the person.

The scene was further complicated when a CHP officer’s car was struck by a civilian vehicle passing through the area – with no injuries reported by either occupant.

Things ended with the person surrendering peacefully to officers at about 5:20 a.m., with roadways reopening shortly afterward.



  1. Oh my goodness! It’s a young woman! Something’s wrong in society that so many young people want to kill themselves now. I think we need to bring back some of the old fashionedf faith and hope & values. (Yeah, I know, that statement just offended a lot of the super liberals out there…but what’s going on now is not good)

    • Hey Ice T — so I’m reading your comment and agreeing for the most part and then you go and throw in the Super Lib thing and destroy your credibility. I see a photo of a lot of good people trying to help someone in distress and you go all Hunters Laptop on us….. give it a rest. It’s boring.

        • Politics aside, yours truly did receive the traffic closure notices from WCPD, as well as the subsequent re-opening of eastbound Treat Boulevard. I am working on the premise that situation was resolved without injury to subject or those responding. I hope that is indeed the case.

      • LOL, it’s funny as to how easily distracted from the subject that we are… The bulk of My thoughts and prayers go to this distraught woman, but I will also give some out to the readers here on this site, may they keep focus on the “what’s the subject at hand” and try to maintain that subject without adding the weight of the “Nothing else that matters” that they attempt to add…

        LOL… It reminds me of how easily distracted a dog can get at the sight of a chase animal… (Bird, cat, squirrel, rat, whatever the dog loves to chase)

        That being said, I am glad to hear that the situation was handled without any lives lost, or even anyone getting hurt… Sure I Traffic may have suffered some, but that is a small price to pay for saving a life…

    • Everything starts at home. Let your family members know that they matter. Give that extra hug. You never know what someone is going through unless you stay involved. No politics, just simple family values that some folks missed out on. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  2. I guess this was over when I passed by around 6:30am, my usual route to work to North 680.
    I’m glad the young woman is okay. Thanks, News24!

  3. So sad. She’s wearing so few clothes at that time of morning and no shoes. She must be going through something terrible. I truly hope she gets the help she needs. Great job to the PD, FD and EMS!!!!

  4. Thanks. As usual you guys have more info than “Police Activity at Treat Boulevard / North Main Street.”

  5. I wonder if this was your child, spouse, loved one you would want pictures of them hanging off a bridge at probably one of the lowest points in there life.

    • Hey, JD (love the Screen Name)

      To your point: Most certainly not, although hundreds if not thousands of people witnessed this very public incident and saw this person during their early morning commute. It was also the subject of a (terse) Public Agency Alert that prompted dozens of inquiries to our agency that morning and an untold number of inquiries to the issuing agencies. Since we’re a news service, we responded as a news service would.

      Our veracity (and, by extension, our professionalism) is being challenged every day as people and public agencies who would rather we look away and let things go unreported challenge our approach. Through our coverage, we’re saying our area has existing problems deserving of our attention and that we choose not to look away.

      If that approach doesn’t mesh with your sensibilities you may want to look away – from us. We would understand.


  6. Could be a scam also, a way too fast track a SSI claim. Brother of a friend did this years ago. Acted suicidal on the Golden Gate Bridge, got talked down, 3 days of observation at SF general. Then released with a SSI check on the way.

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