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Shots Fired Outside Walnut Creek BevMo Store Saturday


Citizens called police to report that someone had fired on their car while they were outside the Walnut Creek BevMo store on N. Main Street Saturday night.

Reports were made at approximately 10 p.m. with responding officers locating multiple shell casings and an apparent bullet strike to the front of the store. Reports that a round may have been stopped from entering the business by a display case or refrigeration unit could not be immediately confirmed.

One car may have had it’s window shot out. Police initiated a canvass of the area and surveyed area hospitals for reports of anyone coming in and reporting a gunshot wound.

The caliber and type of weapon used was not revealed.

Police posted the following late Sunday afternoon:

The Walnut Creek Police Department is investigating a shooting into a building at the Walden Center at 2900 N. Main St. On 6/24/23, at 9:52 PM, an employee at one of the businesses waved down a passing officer to report a window to their business had been shattered. Further investigation revealed evidence the window had been shot with a firearm. A check of the shopping center was conducted for injured bystanders; fortunately, no one was hurt in this incident.


  1. So someone someone else didn’t like was out front of the store and someone fired a bunch of shots at them??? Am I getting this right?

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