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Dispensary Raiders Return For Another Visit To STIIIZY Pacheco

Photo: File

A convoy of armed, masked thieves returned to the ultra hip STIZZY Pacheco cannabis dispensary early Wednesday morning, descending on the business and making off with an undisclosed amount of goods.

The 6,283 sq. ft. outlet, the eighth STIZZY location to do business in Northern California, was closed at the time of the burglary – recorded at 4:25 a.m. A van and four other cars were believed used in the theft, burglars reportedly using a crowbar to gain entry.

Wednesday’s visit is not the first time the dispensary, a popular local outlet known for its modern look and feel, has been visited after hours. The most recent theft is in line with other reported thefts at other dispensaries up and down the state, with various theories advanced as to who might be behind the thefts.


  1. “6,283 sq. ft. outlet”
    POSH! Does it come with chandeliers and document storage in the bathroom?
    I’m looking for a new space.

  2. All those marijuana dispensaries are bad news… they bring crime and they facilitate dysfunctional lives. I work in Oakland where there seems to be a dispensary every two blocks and you can tell the damage it does in the immediate area by the patrons who overflow in their altered state into surrounding businesses & neighborhoods. And don’t tell me that it’s “just like wine”. That’s a lie.

    • Oakland was a decaying sh*thole before dispensaries. I’ve worked here for over 15 years. I don’t buy this as an excuse.

    • I am not a user but I do t see any issue with it. Weed has been in CA forever and I’ve never read or heard of stoned criminals or of lost souls wandering the streets due to use of marijuana.
      On top of that if one can afford the prices dispensaries charge they are far from dysfunctional.

  3. Speaking of dispensaries, California is on its way to dispense with all retail businesses. Jeff Bezos is thrilled.

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