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Rattlers, Big Cats, Bio-Bombing And – How ‘Bout Them A’s?

"The Kid" - pounding out the words.

Up with the roosters this morning, our little slice of the 24/680 a bit gray but promising to warm, stories, tips and email trickling in as Friday gets underway.

The morning is getting something of a jump start as police and fire department personnel in Danville tend to an individual with a deep stab wound to the chest – the victim telling rescuers the injury was inflicted after a fall from the upper level of a parking garage. He’s on his way to the hospital and police are left to unravel exactly what happened.

Mssr. Bowie & Crew providing the background music for the morning with those timeless hooks from Heroes and Rebel Rebel taking up residence in our little heads, as snaky as the increasing number of rattlesnake encounters we’re hearing about as Crotalus oreganus looks for his share of that California sunshine we all crave. Give Mister Rattler his space if you see him out there.

Also on the move, apparently, is a Big Cat (aka cougar, puma, mountain panther, or catamount) hopscotching from Open Space to Open Space across the 24/680 in search of the things mountain cats search for – food and water and potential partners. Infrequent sightings and some tracks found so keep an eye peeled for this elusive creature if you head into their remaining territory.

Random Odsbodlikins: We’re not sure why that line from Don Quixote in England came to us but the morning coffee infusion is triggering some sort of synaptic response. We can’t help but smile as our increasingly slavish devotion to technology comes back to haunt us from time to time – as it did with a hapless parachutist who found himself surrounded by emergency personnel after a recent jump, his landing triggering a “Severe Car Crash” warning from the Apple Phone he’d forgotten he had in his jumpsuit to his frantic wife, who feared the worst and called for the cavalry.

An unsettling trend surfacing among folks seeking attention/drugs from clinicians who apparently give them both has been referred to as “Bio-Bombing” – the flinging of bodily waste at innocent patrons or restaurant workers. There are multiple variations on the theme but the upshot is that such an attack creates a tremendous amount of collateral damage and, of course, an immediate visceral reaction – which must be the point. Very unfortunate that it’s happening as restaurant owners have enough to deal with right now and, of course, someone has to clean that stuff up, an extensive and costly process.

And while we’re first to admit we’re not up on the latest sporting news we’re sure hearing a lot of chatter from those who are, and who care about the Team On The Other Side of the Hill.

Apparently Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred addressed the A’s plans to relocate to Las Vegas along with a fan driven “reverse boycott” at a press conference during an owners meeting in New York. Word on the IntraWeb is Mr. Manfred may not want to visit Oakland any time in the near future, offhandedly insulting the boycott effort when he said: “I mean, it was great. It is great to see what is this year almost an average Major League Baseball crowd in the facility for one night. That’s a great thing.”

Ooh. So, yes, no cries of “Manfred for Mayor” in Oakland right now. We don’t know much about sports but we do know enough not to dis the fan base. We mean, we know what “fan” is short for, after all.


    • We’re on the lookout for him/her, too! Waiting for some video to surface of a confirmed sighting.


  1. Baseball actually is a business wrapped in our romantic vision of the sport. Its a shame but in the end the money will do the talking,.

    • Rob Manfred and most of the ownership class that pays him don’t give a dam about fans or any tie they may have to their team.

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