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Ten Armed Men Attempt To Rob Pacheco Cannabis Shop Monday


A group of robbers armed with rifles and pistols who arrived in two black SUVs attempted to hold up a Pacheco cannabis business Monday but were reportedly thwarted.

It was not immediately known what deterred the robbery crew, who were reportedly similarly dressed in black clothing and masks. The business, STIIIZY, is based in a modern, well-designed space in a building in the 5700 block of Pacheco Boulevard.

The crew apparently arrived after business hours and confronted an employee. No injuries were reported and it was not immediately known what, if anything, was taken.


    • Certainly caught our attention. Getting 10 people to work together in any coordinated undertaking is an unusual feat in itself these days.

      • It is. They have been hitting various cannabis business over the last year and a half. Same MO to a T. Benicia pd literally cornered them as they were leaving and let them drive by without pursuing them a few weeks ago.

  1. It seems ironic that the legalization for shops like this were touted as a deterrent to drug related crimes but have resulted in so much of it over the years with armed robberies of the businesses.

    • This wasn’t a drug related crime. It was an attempt to rob a business for money. When Apple Stores are robbed, we don’t categorize them as computer crimes.

    • Quasi-legal at best. Why won’t banks do ordinary business with them? Federal law. Cannabis is NOT legal, hence the cash which makes a pretty ripe target.

      Imagine if Apple could only accept payments in cash. Ludicrous. Reefer madness.

  2. It’s a cash business and the bad guys know it. Cannabis dispensaries pay higher city and state taxes than other merchants. I have read that a local tax on Oakland’s several hundred marijuana businesses deposits an extra $14 million annually in city coffers.

  3. Buy grower direct boycot cannabis dispensaries.
    They are just a money grab for the state and dangerous to the general less knowledgeable public

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