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Suspect Detained After Shots Fired In Rossmoor Monday


Our friends in the gated community tell us of some police action in the neighborhood this morning stemming from a welfare check on a resident and the subsequent discharge of a firearm – with at least three shots being fired.

Police moved to secure streets in the area of Terra Granada Drive and police drones were launched in order to pinpoint the person’s location. There were reports of evacuations as the scenario unfolded at approximately 4:45 a.m. and on into the early morning.

NO INJURIES were reported though several gunshots were discharged. Police did eventually contact a resident of the area and subsequently detain him. A co-habitant in the residence at the time was also contacted by police and determined to be safe.

There was no immediate word on possible charges or the person’s motivation for firing his weapon, although some residents said the man may have been firing at a local flock of turkeys. A firearm was recovered.


    • No? We don’t live there but we’d imagine they would like it. Any Rossmoorians who can speak to this?


      • My mother-in-law lived in Rossmoor for a few years, and I can report there are turkeys-a-plenty strolling the fairways. Lots of deer, too.

        • Right… see? That’s what we thought. And quail and geese, too… though they golfers don’t like them too much… ahem.


    • So we’ve learned. It explains the frantic “any updates???” messaging we get, where the sender gets what they want and then re-appears on other forums with “I’ve just learned…”

      Naughty naughty, people.

  1. Yes, plenty of turkeys in Rossmoor. Both 2-legged kinds😊. Kidding aside, even if you’re trying to scare turkeys away, you don’t do it with a gun and you definitely don’t do it at 4:00 a.m.

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