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Lafayette Walgreens Robbed Friday


Police are searching for the man who implied he was armed as he robbed the Lafayette Walgreens store, 3614 Mt. Diablo Boulevard, of cash Friday morning.

The robbery was reported at approximately 9:50 a.m.

The suspect is described as a black male, heavy set, black ski mask, red coat, green pants. He was last seen wearing a green hat with a yellow emblem on the front.

Police are stopping BART trains to search for suspect. No weapon was actually seen.

An ambulance has been called to the store to check on a worker reportedly assaulted during the robbery.


  1. We need more drone pilots working with law enforcement. It would take a couple of minutes for Lafayette PD to have eyes on the Walgreens directing officers. With a drone system launched out of HQ.

  2. We need to start locking up all these criminals! Hell with all the excuses and misplaced compassion for them. They’re just emboldened now and we’re all at risk. How bad does it have to get before people wake up and see how stupid this is, and how what we’re trying is not working. Not working for the safety of the public and not for the good of those doing the crimes.

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