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Lookalike Cop Robs Motorist In Martinez Thursday

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Investigators are looking into the robbery of a motorist traveling Franklin Canyon and McEwen roads in Martinez when they were stopped by an individual in attire resembling a police uniform and driving a car equipped with red and blue lights.

The thief reportedly made off with a sizable amount of cash and personal items. No weapon was seen there were no reported injuries.

The robbery reportedly took place at around 7:50 p.m.

The suspect’s car was initially described as a silver 2000 model 4-door with a dark hood. There may be flashing lights mounted on the dashboard.


  1. As a martinez resident everyone knows they all drive SUV not a cop look a like car! Large amount of cash on that road means nothing short of drugs buy and sell! It was 7:50pm still daylight so the entire thing doesn’t make sense

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