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Homicide Reported In Concord Wednesday


One person was stabbed and killed at a shared sober living residence on Esperanza Drive in Concord Wednesday, police subsequently arresting another resident they believe was responsible for the attack.

The killing was reported at 4 p.m. at a residence in the 3500 block of Esperanza Drive, police said. Officers located a deceased 66-year-old resident of the home upon their arrival.

Two roommates had an argument which led to the fatal stabbing, according to police. Nicholas Carson, 38, was arrested and is being held at Contra Costa County Jail.


  1. So many people on slow cook – and then they just bubble over. Very sad that someone lost their life as a result.

  2. I feel for neighborhoods where these facilities open. I know people need to live somewhere but we have friends in this neighborhood and there’s another sober living house that opened. It’s four bedroom home and they have two people in each bedroom plus 2 house managers. They charge these people something like $800 a month each ( much of it paid by government agencies to help the people) so it ends up being a money-making operation for the house owner. but a real drag on the neighborhood. We also have friends in a different Concord neighborhood where a six bedroom house is being used for a similar use and all 12 residents of it have old beat up cars on the street… so a nice neighborhood is suddenly overrun by sketchy people in cars.
    And I know someone out there is going to criticize me for what I just said, but I have to ask them if they eoyld want this next to their house? Yes NIMBY

  3. Lewis it seems like you would like to be a journalist. I’m sure there is a place for you to tell our stories at 24/680. Why don’t you join instead of whining about what you feel is wrong. It’s so immature of you and insulting to those who try to help their fellow citizens

    • Tamy – thanks for the interjection.

      We’re sure Lewis has more sense than to aspire to a career in journalism. Few people want to do it and even fewer can do it. Most just want to criticize those who do it. It’s a popular pastime.

      And if he/she was angling for a job here there’s no hope of that happening, we’re afraid. We’re a small team and we pick who we work with.


  4. Boomers got rich playing real estate market, now innocent American people live crammed together in tiny homes, praying for relief that will never come.

    You could buy the average California home for 3 years average California wage in 1970. Now you will need 20 years to pay off that same mortgage.

    Booomers kicked the can down the road so hard that it broke the whole nation.

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