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Stolen Escalade Crashes After Lafayette-Orinda Pursuit Thursday


The driver of a reportedly stolen Cadillac Escalade led police on a circuitous tour of Lafayette before taking to westbound Highway 24 and bolting at high speed for the Caldecott – coming up short and crashing just west of Orinda Thursday.

Officers took the lone occupant into custody shortly after the chase kicked off at approximately 1:40 p.m. It was not immediately known what brought the car to attention of police but officers in Lafayette fell in behind it and gave chase, witnesses reported, the Escalade’s driver maneuvering wildly in an attempt to shake off pursuers.

NEWS24/680 Flasher “Lauren” saw the pursuit and the Escalade coming up behind her on Highway 24: “Flew right by me at St Stephen’s exit!! I hope no one was hurt,” she wrote.

The driver was transported to John Muir Hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries suffered in the crash. No other injuries were reported.


  1. I again have to ask: How are all these newer vehicles being stolen? All the anti-theft devices and computer-coded keys / fobs were supposed to stop thefts. Or was this a carjacking? The shame is that some innocent person had their car stolen and some thug crashed it.
    Worse yet, and I bet you, bet you big time, that this thug has stolen other cars and is probably out now on parole just running around continuing his chosen field of work and victimizing a good citizens. It’s time folks, that criminals be held accountable again! This social experiment ain’t working!

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