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Latest “Swatting” Incident Panics Pleasant Hill School, Parents


The latest in what appears to be a nation-wide trend toward “Swatting” – or calling down a heavy police presence on an unwitting subject – briefly panicked students and parents in Pleasant Hill Monday.

As we reported via our Flash Alert system at the time, police responded to Pleasant Hill Elementary School, 2097 Oak Park Boulevard, in answer to a hoaxed 911 call from an unknown male subject who talked about going on campus and shooting students.

The school enacted its lockdown protocols just as students were being released for the day. Police searched the campus and determined no active threat was present, and children were quickly reunited with anxious parents (about 30 of whom contacted this site as this was happening).

As we have noted, there have been an increase in this type of hoax call across the nation – targeting both schools and individuals.


  1. As stated previously, this type of “prank” is so abhorrent on so many levels. The angst created among students, faculty/staff and family is not humorous, especially in the current social climate. And the diversion of valuable public safety resources from legitimate situations is an abomination in and of itself. I cannot fathom a rational person engaging in this conduct.

    • They could tell she was a student in Florida because her “cereal killah” note was riddled with errors. They don’t call it Floriduh for nothing.

  2. Mommy crying to the media about how her little girl goes to church and liked butterflies bla bla bla. Read the message she sent to that school. Jail. Go to jail, do not pass go and do not stop to play with the butterflies. Jail.

    • Definitely in new territory here. We’re certain new laws are/will be drafted to deal with the crime. Reading some of the “hoax scripts” leaves little doubt as to their intent.


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