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Flash Follow-Up: Moraga Road Crash Photo


Since some of you remain cautious skeptics when it comes to the news we thought we’d provide a little photographic backup to an alert we pushed Friday night.

We were able to save many of you some time and definitely some stress as police closed Moraga Road after a single car crash on our widely used stretch between Lafayette and Moraga. Two folks were trapped in the car for a bit but mainly due to positioning, as you can see in the photo.

The Flash has proven to be an invaluable aid for those – skeptics and news junkies alike – hoping to keep up on local happenings. Try it.


      • I was joking. That windy road keeps the riff raff out of our idyllic, semi-rural hinterland. We have sand traps and sink holes for the unfamiliar traveler…ha ha ha!

        • We weren’t. We’ve been told to expect completion of the Tunnel project by 2048 – and we plan on being around for the ribbon cutting.

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