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Another ConFire Unit Struck At Highway 24 Crash Scene Saturday

Archive photo of previous crash. Photo: ConFire

Firefighters at the scene of an earlier off-highway crash on eastbound Highway 24 at Oak Hill reported being struck by a second, unrelated vehicle that impacted a Contra Costa County Fire Protection District unit at approximately 6 a.m. Saturday.

Crews were assessing and retrieving two people from a car that had driven off eastbound Highway 24 earlier in the night when a Battalion 1 vehicle positioned just west of the initial crash scene was struck.

Firefighters kept the driver at the scene until California Highway Patrol officers could arrive. There were no reported injuries to fire personnel but the vehicle was reported completely disabled and had to be towed from the scene.

The highway was closed to all traffic following the incident. Traffic was eventually restored at 7:33 a.m.

Saturday’s car strike was the latest in a string of incidents involving private vehicles and fire apparatus in the 24/680 in recent weeks.


  1. Put a giant red sign with flashing lights on the trucks so people see them… Oh wait they are giant red machines with flashing lights and sirens. WTF People?!!

  2. Slow down drivers and get off your phones!!! Pay attention!!!! What if YOUR car broke down and you needed assistance?!!? You would want the firemen and women to be ABLE to help YOU, RIGHT? SLOW DOWN AND OPEN YOUR EYES!!GOD BLESS

    • Agree.It used to be a pleasure to drive on 24; nowadays, lots of vehicles, with paper or no plates at all, weave and whizz at seemingly 90 or higher. Should be any day now that gunshots will be an additional concern.

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