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Armed Robbery In Downtown Walnut Creek Friday

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A carload of heavily armed men is being sought for a robbery reported on Mt. Diablo Boulevard Friday, during which a victim was struck in the face with a firearm and robbed of $100,000 worth of jewelry, including a Rolex watch.

Details remain murky. The incident reportedly occurred at approximately 10:20 p.m. in the 1600 block of Mt. Diablo, the second level of a parking garage, when 3 to 4 Hispanic men armed with “AR-style” rifles accosted an individual, striking him in the face with one of their guns.

Patrons in the area at the time of the robbery reported local businesses going on lockdown mode at the time.

Police were reportedly looking for a grey Toyota Camry, last seen fleeing west through the Caldecott Tunnel, and an ambulance was called to the parking garage to treat the victim for facial injuries.

On Saturday, we were alerted to WCPD confirmation of this incident by a colleague. They wrote:

On Friday, April 21, at 10:21 P.M., the Walnut Creek Police Department responded to a parking garage in the 1600 block of Mt. Diablo Blvd in the City of Walnut Creek for a reported armed robbery where the victim was struck in the face with a firearm and robbed of $100,000 in jewelry, including a Rolex watch.

The victim described the suspects as three male adults who were wearing all dark clothing and carrying rifles. Prior to officers arriving, the suspects fled in a grey sedan.

The victim was treated for minor injuries at the scene.


    • Agreed, too many guns! But I believe these criminals would then do their crime with knives and machetes, etc. We need to start locking up thugs again. I assure you they will not stop their crimes if you just ban one of their weapon choices. They’ll go to another. Lock them up!

      • Most would NOT agree with yours and others stance on guns. To me it seems that the problem with firearms is that ONLY CRIMINALS are allowed to have them! I bet the criminals wouldn’t be so brazen about robbing good people if they knew that they could be a good guy/woman had one as well.

      • Greg T, I think you are a bit naive. You think banning guns is gonna keep guns out of the hands of bad guys??? Bad guys don’t buy guns through the system because we have a gazillion laws already on the books that would prevent that. They get them black market, usually untraceable.

        Wake up and let’s get these liberal lawmakers to start enforcing the laws that we have. A lot of these crimes like these grab and go crimes are committed because they know nothing will be done to them. Probably not even a night in jail.
        What’s primarily needed is better parenting, mental health enrichment and respect for others.

      • There are other countries with loose gun-laws. Its not the just weapons because humans are capable of being larcenous and aggressive guns or no guns. However, do agree control and registration is needed so we can catch them.
        The main thing is the lack of effective policing and a lack of fear of getting caught. You take away the policing, the court system, the punishment, the society falls apart, as is happening now due to the the great experiment going on.

      • Please catch these losers! Post a picture of the car police are looking for? Catch these losers that can’t afford their own stuff and have to steal it from others that work so hard! I hope they meet the wrong person! They deserve to get caught! Or to meet the wrong person!
        They are only tough when carrying a gun! Coward pricks!

        • We’re on it, Tina, equipped with those little press-on badges the coppers hand out to the kiddies and our 1950s Dick Tracy Handi-Talky wrist radios!

          … and if we had any photos to share on this one we would. It’s what we do. We’ll see what happens…


  1. If you think this is bad
    Wiat until paper cash dont exist anymore.
    What will drug dealers do?
    What will drug addicts do?
    Robbery will escalate real fast
    And its coming soon

    • how will it happen though? your phone will have your cbdc wallet…you will bio authenticate. if they make you push them money, to their cbdc wallet, they in effect have to give u their identity.

  2. I am guessing tahg Walnut Creek PS no longer has the strong downtown prescience which they had on Friday ans Satuday nights back in the 1990s anymore.

    Because back in the early ans mid 1990s, as many as 30-40 officers that patrolled the downtown area on Friday ans Aayuday nights, mostly becuse or the gang problems which Plagued Walnuy Creek’s neighboring municipality to the north at the time.

    • Dave R I only remember of one shooting downtown WC over the last decades (previously to the last 5 years) and it was outside a rowdy bar. I think it’s safe to say Walnut Creeks high profile crimes that have happened downtown have gotten much more frequent since the 90’s. What I remember is there use to be many more cops downtown usually at 1-2am when the bars were letting out.

      • Right, I temper it was in the summer of 2016 when somebody was fatally shot outside of Crogans, which is what forced the bar’s closer after being in business for well over 40 years.

        I also remember another shooting in downtown Walbut Creek in Newell Plaza (the shopping center where Dunkin Donouts at Newell Avenue ans Mt. Diablo Blvd.) in the summer of 2020, howver the person survived, as I remember seeing pictures of the police officers in their masks.

  3. David- This story of a car full of men with rifles doing a robbery is all the more reason people should have / want firearms. I see you make a lot of comments about the guns but you always seem to ignore the story and whats occurred.Thats not being part of the solution. I wonder when the last time the police actually arrested someone for a robbery etc in contra costa county with a firearm that was legally owned and registered to them, how about the last time a concealed permit holder commited a crime with a gun? Resorative justice is a failure and so are our states policies on crimes and sentencing. Got to stop making excuses for people that hurt others, simple as that.

    • Well, sadly, my comments aren’t addressed to anyone who thinks more guns is helpful because there is no common ground for us to share. I just point out what is obvious to me, knowing full well it doesn’t move the needle in either direction. Change is not gonna come from comments on a local website.

      • Well I think it’s more likely to create change on a community website than from the politicians making promises. In my not so humble opinion if anti gun people or pro gun law people as it could more accurately described took the time to look how the state is enforcing the existing laws, and what they are promising in their march for safety by enacting new laws vs reality of whats being done they would see there is a lot of falsehoods and flat out unethical behavior and frankly would create some type of common ground. I believe even people against gun regulation would have more respect and be closer to common ground if the laws on the books were genuinely enforced. To me it theorhetically seems simple, lets regulate and legislate and lock up the criminals using firearms before we restrict regular people looking to protect themselves and their families from events that can never be undone. It will never be perfect, but the issue of firearm ownership in the media and with the politicians is tainted and full of bull, full of obfuscation. For me it comes down to just because you are a great person and do right by others doesn’t mean your life can be respawned like a video game.

    • So silly when people claim more guns are the solution to crime. We don’t have to theorize because the entire rest of the world has very strict controls around guns and has … just wait for it … way less guns used even during crimes. Keep telling yourself guns are the solutions to guns. It’s been working great! Not.

      • My Son was Murdered by a Knife. The same Judge who has previously had Gerald Delgado in her Court, Mary Ann O’Malley, on 40 previous occasions all 3rd strike thru 6 cases still did not 3 Rd strike him. The DA has 245 minute orders with him thru 16 felony cases including the DA herself Diana Becton has 3 minute orders were she Sat as his Judge in 2003. They did not talk to any of the witnesses including myself, the killer came back to my house after Stabbing my Son 6 times for some Stuff from my garage that was not his, shook my hand twice. They gave him a plea deal without discussing it at all with the family. I am breaking my story Soon but Day he point is now They are so dirty I think my life is in Danger soo I am fortunate to live in a Country were I can defend myself against anyone sent to do me harm. I have applied for a CCW and am basically prepared for the worst as I go forward to hold these officials accountable.

  4. “I hope they meet the wrong person!”
    Interestingly, “I hope they meet the right person” (right for the occasion) is exactly the same sentiment in this context.
    As Herb Morrison wouldn’t have said: Oh, the ambiguity!

    • It’s very sad that you can’t even go out and have a nice dinner and enjoy yourself without (Hethens) trying to Rob or Harm you when they hit Innocent people with there AR deadly assault weapons on you and Crack you in the head and take everything you have and now you are a victim with many bills to pay because of them cowards you need to get more security out there Before they Murder or Injury Innocent people caught them freeks

  5. This is why I don’t buy my wife real jewelry. I say she should be grateful that I’m keeping her safe. She says I’m just cheap.

  6. In my opinion the community can help solve this problem. Come together and help patrol the streets. Work with the police and businesses and take your community back.

    • How do you see that taking form, Daniel? The old Guardian Angels Model? Something else? We’re not poking holes in your suggestion, we’re genuinely interested in good ideas, new tactics…

  7. This story seems super sketch to me …I’m not seeing how this story is adding up…
    In walnut creek people blast folks on video on the internet for stealing mail…yet no one has any info or video about the THREE AK47s robbery in DOWNTOWN wc?? 100,000? assault? Who is this person? Are three guys just strolling through downtown with these weapons just seeing if they will bump in to something? They must have known this guy.. and I dont really understand why they hit him in the head?.im pretty sure the three guns pointed at him would have done the trick..did they say anything? did he recognize the voices? How do police know the suspects went through the tunnel? Is there video? License plate?…..

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