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Pleasanton Home Depot Employee Shot, Killed; Two Detained In Oakland

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Two people were detained in Oakland after a loss prevention employee of the Pleasanton Home Depot store on Johnson Drive was shot and killed Tuesday, reportedly while attempting to stop a theft at the store.

Blake Mohs

Police were summoned to the location at approximately 2:15 p.m. after loss prevention employee Blake Mohs was reported down in the store, bleeding from an apparent gunshot wound. Witnesses told officers that Mohs had attempted to stop a woman from stealing an item at the store when she drew a pistol and fired, mortally wounding him. The woman ran to where a man waited at the wheel of a red Nissan Pathfinder, the pair last seen driving west on I-580 into Oakland.

Oakland police were informed after trailing agencies tracked the getaway car to a home in their city. Two suspects, identified by police as Benicia Knapps, 32, and David Guillory, 31, were taken into custody. Police said Knapps fired the fatal shot that killed Mohs and that the gun was eventually recovered.

Benicia Knapps, 32, and David Guillory, 31. Photo: PPD

Knapps’ two-year-old child was also in the car at the time of the murder and resultant pursuit, according to police.

Guillory is currently being held at Santa Rita Jail with his bail set at $255,000. Both suspects have been arrested on suspicion of murder, robbery, child endangerment and conspiracy.

Grieving friends and associates of Mohs said the Tri-Valley resident was active in community youth programs and was planning to be married in the summer. He is survived by his parents, brother and fiancee.


  1. Who and what we vote for in CA is critically important. Prop 47 decriminalized theft under $950, was that a contributor in this innocent man’s death? George Gascon(former SF Police Chief, SF DA & current LA DA) was the co-sponsor of Prop 47. We can do better with our elected officials and propositions in California, but only if we engage in the process and vote.

    • Prop 47 had nothing to do with this situation. Every time a crime is committed, there’s always someone who trots out Prop 47 – which did not make a single change to the crime and penalty of murder.

  2. Gascon may have been the co sponsor, but CA voters approved it. I was one such voter as it was sold to me as clearing the courts for more serious cases to reduce the backlog and overcrowding in jails. I, and likely others, did not anticipate the length that criminals go to circumvent the law. If it was proposed today, I would not vote for it and hope something is in the pipeline to overturn it.

    • I think that is an important theme here, where election money and persuasive emotional arguments convince people to do things against their best interests: Iraq war, California high speed train, Prop. 47, progressive D.A.’s and the list is long. Unfortunately, pride and stubbornness much of the time keep voters from admitting they made a mistake and reversing course or changing their minds on these subjects.

    • Totally understand that events can move people to adopt extreme positions and make them say things they might not normally say. This is a horrific case we feared might happen as criminals appeared increasingly willing to carry – and use – firearms during commission of their crimes. We know people are embittered and angry.

      We just ask that the indrawn breath be taken and words be considered prior to posting.


  3. She took the baby with them while they went robbing? Mother of the Year winner right there……. that poor child.

  4. Our condolences to this young man and to his family, fiancee and friends. This is soul crushing news. We have a lot of work to do in California. The offenders here have much to atone for.

  5. I was always taught that good would win over evil but I have to say that evil seems to have the upper hand lately.

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