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Monday, Monday – Can’t Trust That Day


Hoping the Mamas and Dudes would allow us a spartan titular use of their lyrics (even though our younger readers are scratching their heads, again, and wondering what we’re “babbling about” this time).

So, GOOGLE REFERENCE: Mamas & the Papas
Origins: Los Angeles, by way of other Hippie Hotspots
History: Four people who released five studio albums and 17 singles over four years, six of which made the Billboard top 10, and have sold close to 40 million records worldwide.
Dated: (1960s) – North American (one Canadian)
Usage (Informal-U.S.)
Hippies and bikers of the era called their female companions “Mamas,” with females referring to men as “Papas.”

There it is, staying inclusive and hopefully informative for our more youthful members. In other news – the weekend went out cackling like a hyena and Monday did not begin well (hence our headline pick).

Rough scene in Pleasant Hill after a fatal shooting outside a “raucous” local sports bar early this a.m.  Our people – well-liked and always affable – were not met with rose petals and laurel leaves upon arrival. This goes along with our chosen territory but our people, known for their forgiving nature, were overheard expressing a wish an overloaded bus or beer truck would come along to smack some sense into certain individuals hurling “helpful” suggestions at the scene. That’s when you know things got rough.

And, just to let everyone know that no one was immune last night even not-so-little, not-so-semi-rural Moraga got into the act with someone detonating what neighbors said was a “pair” of pyrotechnic devices/pipe bombs in the front yard of a local, one-time political candidate. Unknown if the person’s political aspirations played any role in the odd act but there has been some mention of “threats” made prior to the incident. Police out and about in the Larch Neighborhood last night and this morning, and while the incident may not rival the Haymarket Square bombing of 1886 it has people stirred up in MoTown.

And if there have been associated “death threats” related to political aspirations in this little town, we’ll say “we’re sorry, that’s beyond the pale,” even though we’ve finally whittled ours down to about one every three months now instead of the several we were getting each month during the Happy Time following a certain election in 2016.

Speaking of Happy Times (kids, that’s called a “transition” or a “segue” – not to be confused with that thing you ride around on) we can only say that while we’re sure it’s distressing for the resident of Glencoe Circle in San Ramon to have vandals plaster their home with eggs, strawberries and syrup we’re seeing a certain “lemonade out of lemons” moment presenting itself. We mean, if someone is providing the ingredients, why not make Waffles? Have you seen the price of eggs lately?

NEWS24/680 out for now and hoping Monday settles down and things get better…


    • You and quite a few others, Cojack (we’re thinking, Telly Savalas – no?)

      Our Flash Alert system lit up like a pinball machine.


  1. Ah, yes. Denny Doherty became the Harbour Master for Theodore Tugboat and for me and my kids. Now, that’s real career growth.

  2. Segue? And speaking of camels, maybe one day your photographers between bombings and overturned cars might show us a pic of the more mellow scene of the Alamo camel and zebra companion who occasionally can be seen on the 680 north of the el pentado exit on the east side hill (apparently part of a private zoo). Was that segue too much of a hump to get over?

    • LV –
      In touch with the critter lovers you mention and, being critter lovers ourselves, we feature pictures of animals of various description rather frequently, we think.

      And we made it over your hump just fine!


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