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Armed Robbery In Lafayette Monday

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Two men apparently followed a Lafayette resident to her Happy Valley home Monday, confronting her before she had time to react and robbing their victim while one of the thieves reportedly held a pistol to their victim’s head.

Despite the obvious fright and shock, no physical injury was believed incurred during the crime, reported at approximately 7:40 p.m.

The thieves made off with cell phones and other personal items after rushing their victim, confronting and pinning her against her car while taking her things.

The suspects are believed to be two black males in their 20s to early 30s, masked and similarly clothed in dark clothing. One was armed with a pistol with no further description available for the gun.



      • “Disgusting, lawless criminals” These guys are bad. Preying on the weak and the unsuspecting with guns. The only thing worse would be to give them badges and the color of authority like happened in Antioch where 20% of the police force is under investigation for grievous misconduct. Gee, I wonder what happens to all those arrests by all of those police officers who behaved like disgusting, lawless criminals?

        We need law enforcement, not bigotry, not thuggery, and we need police reform or nothing works.

  1. How long are we going to allow this to happen? The police don’t pursue, the criminals don’t get punished. It is happening far too often and getting more and more brazen. We need to fix the laws in California and repeal Prop. 47 and recall those leaders not doing anything about the crime.

      • Someone was killed. Two men followed another Lafayette mom home in 1997, only that time, it was in the afternoon — in broad daylight. I think they followed her into the house, then robbed her and killed her. So I’m not convinced that these things are necessarily getting worse.

        • @Sam – Sure, as long as people don’t blame it on liberal politicians because I travel through the Southern states where conservatives are in charge and they have violent crime, too.

        • I never said that.

          I don’t favor lenient or harsh punishments and firmly believe that neither liberal, nor conservative politicians know what they’re doing when it comes to crime.

          I favor real solutions, like prevention. For example, tighten up our schools and make sure kids can read. If an adult goes to prison make learning to read a prerequisite to release. Illiteracy is common amongst prisoners and when someone can’t read it’s not surprising they turn to crime.

          There are other prevention and rehabilitation strategies we could implement but the work is hard so people don’t want to do it. They’d rather say silly things like the question you asked me.

          • We could get behind a Literacy Drive… agree it is a foundational block that has been overlooked.


          • Yes that’s the deal. Education should be made mandatory. Except that it shouldn’t be easy to get a diploma. The bar can’t be lowered so “no kids left behind”. Now we get a bunch of supposedly high school grads dumber than some 4th graders from other countries.

    • It’s damned near time to start protecting ourselves. The police do what they can, but they POS’s aren’t prosecuted and some are just released! The police will be there to investigate the crime. That’s all they can do. Hopefully they will bring towels to wipe up the blood. We need to stop voting for this crap, and start catering to the law abiding citizens, instead of the freaking criminals.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Sandy –
      We’re thinking we’re being “cruised” by guys in stolen cars who are out looking for a quick score.


      • What store? I have family members and myself that are frequently at Trader Joe’s, Diablo foods, BART parking lot. I would love to have more details so that I can be more alert.

        • The robbery occurred in a residential area, Sharon, which we are not disclosing as it would pinpoint the victim’s location.

          We’re still trying to determine where she was prior to the robbery.

          • What? Your article reported that it was on happy Valley Road! That is right up the street from the BART station, Trader Joe’s, CBS, Diablo foods – a very busy shopping center. Why would you not know where she was coming from? Didn’t Police ask her?

          • No. We reported that it happened in the Happy Valley neighborhood.

            We have not given the precise location in order to avoid pinpointing the victim’s location.

            We have no idea what police asked her. Though your question is certainly pertinent and one we would ask if given the opportunity.

            The police do not share the findings of their investigations with us.

  2. Wow, who would have ever thought that sleepy Lafayette would be a hotbed of crime, WC, I understand…..bars, restaurants, etc.

    Firestone 11R

  3. For people who think its just our stuff they want remember they were just looking for a quick score when they beat and strangled Mrs. Daher to death. I for one will never forget that horrible incident. Still incredibly sad to this day and to happen to such a wonderful family. Stay diligent people.

    • And she lived right up from the BART station. Right off of happy Valley Road. Right near all of the shopping that I mentioned in the above comment. So I would like to know more information on this criminal incident.

  4. Looks like the criminals love the Highway 24 and BART areas for the quick getaway they offer. Over in Walnut Creek, the Saranap, Main Street, and Broadway Plaza sections are sadly now hotbeds of criminal attacks. I agree with the other comments in that too much of a delay by city officials and law enforcement, who need to work in tandem to protect the cities is missing. Silence will only serve as confirmation that we’re all sitting ducks, plump for plucking.

  5. What do you want to bet that these thugs have victimized other people this week? They probably have long rap sheets, yet the system has them running around free to victimize others. And this is being called social justice and criminal reform. The fact is some people do belong in jail! But somehow us liberal Bay Area people think that that’s cruel. I think it’s cruel what they’re doing to the innocent public!

  6. It would be helpful to know where they first spotted her – how long they may have trailed her – or her whereabouts prior to the crime to connect some dots around how it may have all started. And any tips she may have learned from her experience to share with others and help people either avoid or better deal with something like this when it happens. Scary and sad for her!

    • Agreed.
      Believe the victim was debriefed by police (as is their way), but there may have been an initial language barrier.

      If we get any additional info we’ll pass it along.

  7. Start spreading the fear
    I’m leaving today
    I want to be a part of it
    Fear It, Fear It

    These vagabond shoes
    They are longing to stray
    Right through the very heart of it
    Fear It, Fear It

  8. I sure hope Lafayette PD is immediately on this. These cases need to investigates quickly. I’m a victim of a “follow home” robbery at gunpoint, including physical assault, that occurred Walnut Creek in 2021. It took WCPD 11 days to assign a detective to my case and missed valuable timely evidence as a result. Case remains unsolved.

    Be vigilant of your surroundings.

  9. Places with more active law enforcement and prosecution “still have crime?” So reducing crime is no longer the goal? We demand zero crime? Seriously? Is that how we want policies to be made? Perfection is going to be our standard? Maybe that needs more thinking?
    I always thought we evaluated our politicians on whether they were making significant progress. Can we agree on that?

  10. HERE IS THE ANSER: What is defunding the police? Defunding the police is a systematic reallocation of funds from police departments to better-qualified social services and public health agencies. This approach eliminates the need for punitive policing by addressing the root causes of violent crime.

    • There isn’t a social service on earth that will lure a 21yo, with elevated testosterone level, that was told that he is invincible. Punishment is the only deterrent and severity of punishment should correlate with damages and the cost of deterrence. Anything else is waste of time and money.

  11. As a resident of a large city for 25yrs I actually hit the assailant with a bat after he threatened to shoot me with his gun at my home. I followed him on foot and had police give chase. He was part of a crime ring which we brought down as a community. I have been involved on the citizen level, political level, and physical level. Why is crime taking place? What are we doing to prevent it? Many fascets to this question, many parts to solutions. If people are desperate enough to threaten the lives of others for what reason? What drives violence? When one’s needs are being met do we covet anothers things? I was at Safeway last night, I see a big problem ahead in this community and the solution must come from us working together.

  12. Most of robberies like this wouldn’t happen, if wearing a mask was alerting, just as it used to be before covid.
    I see a person in a mask i get suspicious, i see a person with a mask on and a pulled hoodie, I know something bad is about to happen.

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