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“All Cars” Call In Walnut Creek; “Don’t Hit The Bunny” And Vandals At Work


NEWS24/680 crew members shook off the mildew and mold accrued over the last month and took to the streets Saturday in search of a good story and an exotic cocktail with one of those little parasol umbrellas sticking out of it.

The team was feeling all warm and convivial (two of our number home catching some much-needed Zzz’s – and don’t think we’ll let them live that down) when the Witching Hour, aka Midnight, arrived and everything went nutso.

The town clock was still striking twelve when a call went out about a tussle outside Spoontonic Lounge – followed by a rare “all cars” request for police assistance. We weren’t able to see much because it’s tight quarters in there but some words turned into some thrown punches and then a reported sighting of someone packing a weapon so, well, everything with a red and blue light on it spooled up and responded to the area.

At least three people were detained, others were treated for a variety of apparently minor injuries and we don’t know if they ever located the person with a gun or the gun itself but it was sporty down on N. Main there for a bit.

We weren’t there and our photographers are kicking themselves over it but we also heard about a Witching Hour altercation at the Pleasant Hill Denny’s which spawned one of those legendary police transmissions you hear from time to time.

Responding to a request for police intervention after some unusually attired customers started acting up inside the restaurant one seen-it-all officer was overheard reporting: “Dispatch, I’m getting flagged down by the female in the Bunny costume…”

We mean, Easter is still a ways away but it was still technically April Fools Day but there were some apparently angry and upset bunnies grabbing the Early Bird Special at Denny’s Saturday.

Also out and about last night were the modern-day equivalent of those sackers of Rome – The Vandals, and they were up to no good last night. We’ve had multiple reports this morning of egged homes, ransacked vehicles and, in a case reported by someone walking by Lafayette Christian Church this morning – a vandalized equity/diversity sign posted in the church parking lot.

No word on the perpetrators but at this stage we’re almost hoping it’s some brainless thug as opposed to someone trying to make a statement of some kind. We’ve come a long way since your predecessors laid waste to Rome, and we were hoping any memory of your ilk had been consigned to ancient history.


  1. Hmmm, Spoontonic (scene of a prior shooting) and Farrington’s, correlation…………dive bars past midnight.

    Firestone 11R

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