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Police Apprehend One Of Two Concord Murder Suspects

Sione Amanaki. Photo: Concord PD

One of two people considered prime suspects in Tuesday’s murder of one man and the wounding of another in a Solano Way shopping mall was arrested by Concord police detectives later that night.

Haley Sparks Hadsell, 19, of Martinez was taken into custody, according to police, who did not detail the circumstances of her arrest. Police are still looking for a man they identified as Sione “Ono” Amanaki, 20, of Concord, in connection with the murder of Eric Cavazos, 21, also of Concord.

Amanaki is believed to be hiding out in the City of Oakland.


  1. Boy we need to start doing something different with our kids. Most all these murders seem to be done by teenagers lately. And they shouldn’t have guns .. but something tells me, they would kill with knives or baseball bats instead. We have to change how they’re being brought up. Maybe some Sunday school would help😇

    • Crime, and violent crime specifically, are down significantly over the last 30 years. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to get to zero. We lived with “Sunday school” for a lot longer than that and it sure didn’t lead to less murder. It actually correlates quite closely to poverty. Let’s go after that instead.

      • What are you talking about crime and violent crime is most certainly not down not in anyway shape of form or statistics I don’t know where you are getting your information from but please stop spreading n false information that’s the worst thing you can do. Lol crime I’m down that’s crazy to you would even say that !!!

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